We have been blessed by friends in our Sunday School class. After letting our class know we are pregnant again and adding to the prayer sheet about needing to find a new place to live everyone began to come up with suggestions. One woman even contacted her brother who rents out homes but he had nothing available. The next Sunday, I think it was, Bob and Angie told us we could rent their house in a kidding tone or so that's how we took them and put no thought into it.

They moved out the house we will be renting a few months ago because they bought a newer house to meet their needs having four children. They do plan to sell their house but with the housing market the way it is right now they felt it would be better to rent to us before they sell it. Renting from them will also help them out because they won't loose the money they put into it in order to sell it. So you could say that the Lord has brought us together to help each other out in a time of need.

They had begun asking us questions and then they got serious about us renting. But the sweetest thing Bob said to us was "We would rent to y'all cause we know you and trust you". That was so nice to hear! So with some more talking etc... we went to see the house last week and made the final decision to say "Yes". We are really excited, this will be our first home together even though we will be renting. Obviously we can't live here too long because they do want and need to sell their house, so Jason and I have talked about living there for a year while we save up to purchase a home of our own! How exciting!

They are too sweet. Both Bob and Angie were seminary students they and so they completely understand our financial circumstances, they are only asking us to pay $50 dollars more than what we are paying right now. When Jason gets a better paying job we will pay them more to meet their needs and like I mentioned we will be saving to buy our own home! Oh how I long for that day!!!

Now, I already told y'all how sweet they are, but it does not stop there! They are letting us paint! Big deal right? Well it is to us, especially because they are buying the paint and letting us pick out the colors we want which is why I took Cameron over to the house to look at the house with me because she and I have similar likes with colors etc....

I love Reds, Greens, and Browns. My problem is that I know what I like but I don't know how to put it together and if you have been to Cameron's house you will know why I had to ask her to help me out! My other problem is that I have never painted before but Jason has so it won't be a total disaster ;p just kidding.

I don't have any pix's yet because I need to buy some new batteries for my camera. When I do, I will show y'all everything. The house has three bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths, one car garage, a front porch, a back screened in back porch, and they even left the swing set for my kids to play! Oh, and I have a fenced in backyard! Oh, there are also poles already set up to hang clothes on the line when the weather is nice so all I need is to get some rope. There is also a shed out back and a little swing hanging from a tree for us adults :)

I am so excited about this house and honestly I get even more excited about it while writing this. We are moving the week of Thanksgiving as of right now and we plan to paint before moving in. Oh, I did have a concern about painting while being pregnant so I asked Bob if it would be safe for me to help paint. I asked Bob because he was a professional painter and will tell you he painted his way through seminary. He is currently working on his PHD at SWBTS. He said I can paint as long as it's Latex based paint and not Oil based paint. I was relieved to hear that!

The house is not even five minuets away from where we are now. I won't say what street it's on until I email y'all with the new address because I just don't think it's safe to put out that much information on here. Another thing I have decided to do is not pack.....you are thinking I am crazy right about now, but since it's less than 5 min from here we are going to move one room at a time with our van, truck, and my dads van. Also, we have had friends offer to help move as well. Praise GOD!

I will do my best to keep y'all posted and get pix up sometime. It might take some time but it will happen.

Okay , so now the left side of my top lip is busted! Two sides in the same day! Michael was sitting with on the couch this evening with me while Amber was trying to take his shirt off to give him a bath when his shirt got stuck coming off his head and then she yanked it off sending his head flying back into to other side of my mouth.

This time I screamed (a reaction I never do) because his little melon not only hit my top lip but he split it open and I was bleeding! Now both sides of my lip are even....lol

I just can't believe it.......it's the darnedest thing I have ever seen! lol

A busted lip

Okay, I was not going to post this but Jason laughed (a little too much) and told me it was too funny not to post. So here goes.....

I woke up at 5:30am this morning because I seriously had to go potty! Apparently I was still in my sleep and not all there because when I got to the bathroom I was too far from the toilet because while bending over to pull my pj's down I hit my top lip on the towel rack which then I was awake LOL....yep, it hurt but I carried on with my business and crawled back in bed and forgot about it until I woke up with a plump lip.

At least I didn't fall on the floor or something, that might have hurt worse especially if my back had hit the toilet or something.

My lip is sore, a little swollen, and feels so much bigger than it really is and thinking back on it....yes, it was funny! My only disclaimer is that I am pregnant ;p

My little handy man! Granddad, Grandma and Uncle Josh will appreciate this! We walk into the kitchen to find Michael working on the cabinet door. No idea where he got the little screw driver from because Jason keeps them in the storage unit with his tool box and the door was not opened. In any case, we laughed so hard it deserved some picture taking and seemed blog worthy. He is truly a BOY! Um....he was wearing shorts at some point. hmmmm. Maybe I forgot to put them back on after changing his diaper. He goes through quite a few in one day! Pix are not in order. Enjoy him :)

He got a little tired I suppose
This little handy man needs a break

Priceless moments to treasure indeed! The Lord has truly blessed us!

Jason and I had the privilege to go see Fireproof. This film is more than just about saving and fireproofing your marriage, it's a ministry through the making of a movie with powerful and strong messages proving that a marriage is worth saving while giving all the glory to God. We laughed, I cried, and was praising God throughout this film.

I started this post awhile ago, okay a few days ago but haven't had the time to post.

Here is the funny!
I was reading a blog "Bring the Rain". It's one I read almost everyday. She writes SO well and she makes me laugh and just puts a smile on my face. Anyway, I was baking chocolate chip cookies tonight. I really did NEED it lol. I get to my last batch while reading her blog and don't hear my timer go off, suddenly I smell something burning wondering "what in the world?"... I look over and see smoke rising from the oven!! I rush over to save my cookies and it was too late my kitchen became engulfed in smoke and my cookies were burnt and once I got them out I rushed over to the smoke alarm to cover it before it sounds off and my kids practice getting out of the house because mom tried to burn the house down reading a blog LOL!!!


We had a really long week and lots of work got done including I finished reading the entire book of Genesis reading it to them. There is a lot of reading between teaching and reading everything for History so by the end of my days I am pretty tired. I think this week caught up to the girls. As usual I put my kids to bed at 8pm every night and they are usually up by 7:30am the next morning or 7:45 at the latest. Sometimes of Friday's they can stay up but last night they went to bed at the normal routine hour. Well! I got kinda worried this morning because time was nearing 9:45am. I went into their room and they were still out like a light. Then 10am rolls around and they are still sleeping and Michael is getting tired for his nap. Finally at 10:10 I hear little feet trample down the stairs with them saying "I guess I was really tired".

I guess so too! I tired my kids out this week lol. To be honest I need to recover as well.

I'm on Twitter

I just joined twitter. Why? Because Jason told me I needed to lol
So if you are on there, I am proverbsmom. :)

I am feeling a little queasy here and there but nothing too bad just yet. I have lost my taste for Coffee, can you believe it, yeah me too! And Cameron, fortunately we went out the other night just in time because nothing taste right to me now and anything sweet makes my face turn green. Oh for the love of tiramisu. Anyway, I don't feel so great today. I need to go buy some groceries and just the thought of walking through walmart is making me think twice about going. I don't know if I will get queasy and if I do how bad will it get? You know people will be staring wondering who and what is wrong with the woman who is resting her head in the crook of her arm on the cart not going anywhere...... but, here is the funny part.....

With feeling queasy like I do I started feeling a little bit like there has to be a better way to get some food in this house so I don't have to leave .... other thank trying to talk Jason into going for me......yeah, right ;p he's not going to let me getaway with sending him because I should be a pro at being pregnant by now right....HA! It's obvious we are not having out first baby where he will go out of his way to help LOL...... He has to work 3-11pm anyway.

SO, I found executivegrocery.com/index.html LOL.....okay, so I am not really going to do this nor could I afford it but the thought was definitely something I was flirting around with lol......and of course there is Schwans that my mother used to buy and it's REALLY expensive! www.schwans.com/buy-groceries-online.htm so I won't be doing that either. Some of their food is really good, most is very high in fat as well.

Eventually I need to drag myself out and buy some groceries. I was thinking I may just buy for the next 2-3 days and then go back .......or not lol

What a cute face I have hu? LOL

I Love Fall!

Two of my absolute favorite seasons is Fall and Spring. I have downloaded some really nice Free digital Fall scrapbooking designs and I hope to update the look of my blog for the season. I am still learning so it may take awhile. I have so much fun playing learing how to do my blog. I have tought myself a lot of html and I learned how to add three colunms becuase I like things that are cemetricle. Okay, I did get a bit lazy, I copied and pasted my codes instead of typing most of them lol.... I know what y'all are thinking...."Here she goes again"....LOL I can't help myself! It's like buying new shoes or handbags or decorations or clothes (which I really need). You are probabaly thinking I am not content, don't worry, I am, I just love to decorate, someday I might even get good at it lol. You should see how often I used to rearrange furniture! I don't have much room now but I still find a way for that "fresh" look. It's amazing how you can give your room a brand new look by araging pictures and decorations without spending a dime, not that I haven't thought about it. I make due with what I have though! Alright, time to make some coffee and M is making me a present........oy

Here are some pix, of my my kitchen that is also our homeschool class room. The microwave isn't in front of this map anymore but that explains the tea pot lol
See...I am smart! I put my easel board low so I can sit in the chair, I don't have to stand.
See the trash can in the sink? well, yes I scrub my trash cans, can't help myself.

Michael's Party

Michael's birthday party was very low key. We had a few friends over and just had cake and ice cream. The cake was adorable, my friend Rebekah made it for him.

Amber and Elleigh being cute preteens
This is his version of digging in lol
hmmmm....is this really mine?
oh it is......

I can't believe my baby boy is 1 already! He makes me smile and laugh every day. I am hoping to put together a post of how much he has grown since bring him home from the hospital.

I am beat. It's been a CRAZY week. First, I had to deal with a soon to be teenager who only gave me one hard day this week....so far. I am very proud of her though, after a day of strict discipline and being consistent with her she has been like a new child and I accredit some of this to Dr. leman in his book Have a New Kid by Friday. He is a father of 5 and his tools work. Some things we already knew and most we are so thankful for. If you have read his book you will understand what I am about to tell you, however, if you have not then just remember the title once I have shared this funny short story of Alyssa.

me: .....talking with Jason at the table about how well the tools in this book are working for us.

Alyssa: Walks in the kitchen..... Hey! I went to the book store and found a new book called Have a New Mother by Thanksgiving!

Me and Jason: DIE LAUGHING!!!

Okay, so on to my crazy day, week, and well, life!
So Monday or Tuesday I was washing clothes and suddenly there was water every where! We are talking the laundry unit and the kitchen! I don't have pix because, M slipped and had to help him back up, then I had to make my way to the washer with out falling myself to see what the problem was. The water hose had come out of it's hole so during the rince cycle while water is supposed to be traveling down the hole that is in between the hot water hose and the cold water hose it was instead standing up and shooting out water EVERY WHERE I tell you! I spent a good half hour mopping ect, while M is screaming his head off, and I had to work fast to save books and crayons from getting water damage that M had dumped all over the floor........shew. If you know me well, you know I couldn' just mop, I wanted to wipe down my base boards and the wall that had a little dust since I had to pull the washer and dryer out anyway.

Anyway, Yesterday went okay, Jason has applied for a new job but has to go through a few test first so we will see. I think we are both feeling a little stressed about our fiances and the fact that his current job isn't meeting our needs and it took it's toll on us today. It's been a very tiring day, and usually Jason and I never argue over anything, but we got a bit snippy with each other today and we never do that either. We never do this and we especially never do it in front of the children so when they heard us they looked at each other, shrubbed their shoulders and wasn't sure what to think or do the whole 5 min that it was. He went to financial aid today for some additional help so please pray for that. There are a few things we have applied for to improve our situation until he finds a better paying job. I know there are sacrifices to made when going to seminary, however, we have been here three years now, not that I am trying to complain because there are people who have been here longer or have traveled this road a lot longer. I think it's starting to wear on me a little. Someday it's gonna feel weird when he's not in school anymore but actually he will still be in school only this time he will be the professor and not the student, I probably shouldn't say that because he'll come home with a new degree he wants to earn ;p

I love that he loves learning, and he would stay in school taking classes the rest of his life if he could (his dream job), but right now I am at a point where I am ready to be done. I don't tell him this because I want to support him and he appreciates all the sacrifices and support I make and give him to help him accomplish what God has called us to do. I am just tired. I am also weepy because I am pregnant.....good excuse I guess. We have been making sacrifices since the day we married almost eight years ago. I am so tired of struggling every month for the last eight years and now having to worry if the electric is too high one month and if there will be an extra shift available to pick up so we can pay it. My dad was a blessing for M's b-day, bought M 2 packages of diapers, milk for him and us, plus juice for the kids for M's birthday. You would have thought it was my birthday though. LOL

I am praying for a better week next week and hoping some things are going to fall into place. my spirits are up, I am not worried because I know God is in control, he just won't let me help lol...... Y'all bear with me, I am not usually like this.........I kinda feel withdrawn at times or falling apart. While other times I feel "put together". I am hanging in there, and if you can't cry you laugh, Or do both at the same time ...it's just as good. I feel odd venting all of this, I am usually very private about these kind of issues or I share my thoughts with a close friend but it all came out and all at once. Honestly my mood today and right now, I am just here in a zone, staring at what I am writing and falling asleep actually so if I start to make no sense you know why ;p

Sorry it's so long, I feel better getting it off my chest....hope I didn't loose you.
Good Night.
xoxo <-- I am so loving lol

Doing good so far

CORRECTION! I am EDITING while I tell you this!! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK FROM THE FIRST POST To I am pregnant dot com!!!!!! If you click on it it will take you to a porn site!!!!! I am SO SORRY!! You are laughing at me aren't you! I can't believe I typed it wrong.....that alone says I am prego........ ;p

The correct Link IS www.i-am-pregnant.com

So far my pregnancy symptoms are going well. According to www.i-am-pregnant.com I am 5 weeks pregnant. This is the same website I visited all the time when I was pregnant with Michael. I am very tired at times which is normal. I am not sick.... yet....thank God. I am loosing my apatite a little bit at times but nothing consistent. However, I am scatter brained, my driving skills are questionable and transposing has kicked into high gear. In fact, I told Jason something yesterday and my sentence was completely backwards and yet he still understood me ;p

My poor children are at the mercy of my transposing, Amber found herself correcting me a couple of time while writing math problems on the board.
I gave a gentle smile and said "Well, it won't last forever".

We had fun today, we did groups and sub groupings. They had so much fun with the stickers I bought and they got creative. We covered the seasons, people, animals, etc....I will take pictures and hopefully I can remember to get my camera cord back from Jason and hopefully the computer will let me up load all my pictures.

P.s....I called and told my mother I was pregnant and she is excited. She called this morning to tell me she was drawing a picture of a choo-choo-train for Michael. She didn't talk long but I am happy she called.

There a few things I am known, by Jason, for doing in my sleep. I have talked in my sleep, I have walked in my sleep (haven't since we lived in TX though), grind my teeth and apparently now a grunting growl?

I haven't grind my teeth in a long long time. I remember when Jason and I first married I was under a good amount of stress and I would wake up in the middle of the night to him holding my jaw with his hand very gently to stop me. I never knew he did this until one night it woke me and my thoughts were "what is he doing to me?" but I wasn't fully awake to ask him so I guess I just feel back to sleep. He usually tells me the next morning what I did.

Well, this morning after we get up he said I was grinding my teeth really bad last night and I was making this low grunting growl sound until he reached over and gently held my jaw to stop me. He said it was more than I usually do. I guess I am under a good amount of stress....can't imagine why. The dangerous thing though is that I have TMJ so if I grind my teeth it makes it worse.

My biggest problem is that I bottle most my feelings up. I will go through out my day and with out sharing with even Jason my concerns, fears, etc....I know God is in control and I have a BEAUTIFUL inheritance :) (this keeps running through my brain) but I am a problem solver, not as much as Jason, but when I see a situation or problem I will analyze and analyze and I am known for OVER analyzing how to fix it.

I don't like knowing what to do and I really don't like knowing what's going to happen. This maybe the area that will label me as a controlling person. So as I try to take on the world myself and fail miserably at it while my emotions are reeling out of control but not completely.....yet?, I turn to the only hope I have, the Lord. Why would I be so stressed over such a blessing that comes from the Lord? He does NOT make mistakes! He has chosen to open my womb and create life, to increase HIS Inheritance! WOW, I am starting to cry (that would be the reeling emotions), I know God will take care of us because He always has. And I feel so honored that he would choose to increase His inheritance by giving us another child to raise in our home, His child who will be taught about His son Jesus, and raised to be a follower of Christ to further the Kingdom of God.

Psalm 127:3-5
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 136: 13-16
For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, ever
y one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

To Him be the glory forever! Now I have a party to get ready for.... ;)

Oh, where to even begin. Well, you all know that I have weaned Michael before going to see Beth Moore. Well, my chest has continued to hurt from what I thought was still drying up but taking forever yet not that big of a deal just annoying. So, I have been expecting "Aunt Flow" to arrive on her usual punctual time, 1 day came and she didn't show, 2 days came and I'm thinking my hormones are needing to balance due to just ending nursing.

So on the third day I was thinking hmmm...."maybe I should take a pregnancy test?" I was emailing Cameron about something, don't remember what, but then I told her my thoughts, and that I was going to buy a test. I then told Jason after he woke up that I was going to buy a test and he got quite then said "Just wait". Hmmmm, no. I went to the store, came home and while the girls are anxiously waiting outside the bathroom door I took the test. I bought the equate brand. They have always worked just fine for me.

So, after taking the test, I look with just taking a glance and said "yeah, didn't think so" then I stand at my sink to wash my hands, reach over to pick the test up to throw it away and I look at it once more and there it was a PLUS sign. In denile I took another test since I bought the value pack, and it too turned up positive. I walk out of the bathroom door and here is how it went....

Amber: Well, you are aren't you

mom: It's positive as I show her the test

Amber: Great

Amber: I can't believe you are pregnant

mom: you can't?

mom: hmmmm.......WOW......I'm pregnant........as I slip away into what I feel like is a dream and I will awaken at any moment, or not.

Alyssa: mommie, how does the test work, how does it tell you you are pregnant?

mom: Well, the test is for mommie's to go potty with and then (while pointing) this part of the test will read this part of the test and tell mommie if I am going to have a baby or not.

Alyssa: Oh, then when can we pick a girl, because I want a baby sister.

Amber: I want another brother

Alyssa: begins to cry....no that's not fair we already have one I want a sister, mommie can we pick a sister

mom: All I could do was laugh so hard with tears while trying to expalin to Alyssa that we don't just pick what we want.

Y'all, it was SO FUNNY! Then they continued the day with naming the baby.

Oaky, after taking care of Alyssa's understanding I got into the van and drove over to our truck parked on campus because Jason was in class when I took the test. I put the test on the dash board so he would see it first thing before coming home. He got out of class, came home to me sitting on the front porch waiting for him. He drove up with a huge smile on his face, he gets out still smiling and I ask him how he feels....he said "Happy but a little nervous" I said "yeah, me too".

That's not all folks. I was still in denial, I went to Dr. Knight on campus for another test and to get an official "yes you are" so we can get medical coverage. Sure enough......I AM PREGNANT. Talk about a shock and awe day. Not much school work got done either. We are happy and the excitement is growing.

Now, I remember telling Jason when I thought I was pregnant with Alyssa, he gave me the raised eyebrow and did not believe me. Then I told him the same thing with Michael and there again he did not believe me, and made me wait that time because we were in FL for Christmas. We finally bought a test and I was so nervous after taking it that I covered it with a towel and then made him go into the bathroom (while at his parents house a couple days before Christmas) to look at it and sure enough it was positive too....
you would think by now he would believe me lol... grant it 3 or 4 months ago I took a test because I thought I was then too, but it's not like I take them all the time lol

Anyway, we have A LOT of details to work out and I am very very fatigue! Lift us up in prayer because we sure do need it.

And what a day it was.......Oh-my-word! Okay, this momma is TIRED. I was up at six to begin my day with breakfast and God's word before the other Spencer peeps got up. I literally had to make all of them, including Jason get out of bed. Well, except Michael. They all got up at 7:30, got dressed for the day, made beds, tidy up, and to the kitchen for breakfast at 8am. Family bible study at 8:30 after the kitchen has been cleaned up from breakfast, and around 10 minuets till 9 we tidy up the down stairs living room, bathroom, etc.... start school at 9am.

The last couple of weeks I have been reviewing with the girls and it's gone smooth. Today though, I am not sure what happened! Michael has been whiny and refused to take his "normal" naps, he just wanted me to hold him while he played with/in my hair, then I had to go to the RAC at 11:30 and takes a good while for some food and left with literally 5 things. Not that I am complaning though because it's a blessing no matter what, but I was hoping to get canned beef stew for the kids. then I was getting lost using my History curriculum from Sonlight (my first time)......of course it would have helped if I had actually READ through most the material before starting ya know, instead of just glancing and such. Hey....what can I say, I have a lot of confidence in myself LOL. Then it was off to Garret Manor to drop Amber and Alyssa off for their music lessons at 3:30.

Ironically, I am not having a hard time in Math. English is going well too. I am using Modern Curriculum Press for Math and Shurley for English. Although, I am most likely going to switch to Singapore Math next year because Modern C Press Math stops at 6th grade.

Things were C R A Z Y around here today!! I regret not taking any pictures, but apparently I didn't even think about it....I will post some and hopefully my computer will let me up load!! It won't let me up load any more videos because it claims I have no more storage. Jason supposedly fixed it but she's arguing with him and he back at her lol we'll just have to see who wins.

Anyway, I was sharing with Cameron that I think the hardest part about homeschooling for me will be all the talking I have to do. It's very tiring and I never talk that much, ever. Since I can't email my kids I will just have to get over it ;p It's no wonder why Jason never felt like talking when he got home from work after a full day of teaching. The girls kept asking me if I was "okay". "Hmmm...yes, mom is okay" (shhh they have no idea how scattered I feel ;) However, I must say I have absolutely NO stress! No due dates, no driving all over God's creation and house work got done by sticking to our routine.

Well...I am so exhausted I am going to sleep so I can start all over again tomorrow.

you can hear Alyssa in the background singing.... too cute!

A few funny things.
First- Michael turned 1 yesterday! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. I will post pictures of his birthday after we celebrate it September 4th. Also, I came back from the conference to learn he is walking all over the place.

We gave him an ice cream cone yesterday after dinner so once video decides to upload I will post it.

I am enjoying doing school work with my kids.
I took Alyssa to the library yesterday to get her first library card. She has been borrowing books and movies on mine, Jason's or Amber's card. She has been wanting one so badly but I didn't feel she was ready to hold on to her own card yet. Yesterday I take her and fill the paper work ou, I turn it in and the lady hands her her library card and Alyssa signed it, she felt very grown up. She asked me how much it was going to cost and I told her it's free to get a library card. She decided to pick out two movies to start with and ohmygoodness this child had me laughing so hard. We get to the desk with her movies, she hands the lady her library card, the lady scans it and hands it back to Alyssa. Alyssa looked at me and said "I still can't believe these cards are FREE" in a high pitched valley girl tone. The ladies behind the desk could not help but laugh too. Once we got home she told daddy at once that she could not believe she got a library card for free. She continued the day with saying "I just can't believe it, can you". She said or did something today that Jason told me I should blog....only, I don't remember what it is ;p

Kids bring so much joy to my heart!

This past weekend I had a God-planned opportunity to see Beth Moore in San Antonio. A while back my dear friend Shannon sent an email advising me to read a book by Beth Moore and that Shannon along with her study group at church were doing Beth's newest devotion plus she a small group of ladies from her church were going to her conference.

I thought, oh man, I wanna go! But at the same time, I didn't know anything about Beth Moore. I had read couple of things and was told a couple of things by various people so honestly my thoughts on her was this......she is probably a long-winded motivational speaker who gives some scripture verses mixed in with liking to hear herself talk.

Well......I got an email from Shannon inviting me and my friend Cameron to see Beth Moore with their group. Some ladies couldn't make it and she invited us!! I got all excited just knowing I was going to spend time way from home with two of my closest friends!! In fact, I was so motivated to go I weaned M from nursing! Michael took well (much to easy) to weaning completely from nursing and straight on to whole milk! You should have seen him, I introduced it to him and that was it! He loves whole milk! To top it off, I got him sleeping straight through the night with help from my beloved friend Cameron!! My own method turned out to be a temporary fix. But the tools she gave me worked!! I really can't thank her enough!!! Especially because we are all sleeping so much better and I should have asked her for these tools a long time ago!!

Anyway, on to my point. We get to the conference and Beth Moore was not at all what I expected! She is a God-filled woman! She gave scripture verse after scripture verse and I was convicted to grow so much deeper in his word and in quite time with him! I have been doing what I was convicted of from the moment I got home!

God spoke right through her in delivering his message to us. She began with teaching us "The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance". From the old testament to the new testament, inheritance from God always involves three elements. Presence, people, and property.

She proceeded with these three points.
1) I am an heir of God. my life is not left to chance.
2) I am an heir of God. I am inheriting a kingdom.
3) I am an heir of God. He is my portion.....and I am His.
How mind blowing! He considers US His portion! His inheritance!

What taught me even more so is that I cannot look to other people for affirmation, only Jesus can identify me, I am an heir of God...I can be secure. She said if you look to other people for affirmation you are placing them in a Christ hood position. How many times do we as women look to others to make us feel better about ourselves. Our identity is NOT in what other people think of us including our spouse. Our identity is only found in Christ, not man. I can't preach it here the same way she did, it's not my gift or calling, however, it's a small taste of how God message was revealed to us.

God used Beth to teach us so much but one other area that hit home for me what "Never let ministry interrupt your intimacy with God". Being with my husband at seminary and preparing for ministry......I think this is probably the most important lesson as a couple.

Visit Beth Moore's blog and be blessed!
I also encourage you to visit my friend Cameron's blog....to the right of my page titled 4Hallgirls. You can read her version of this conference and personally, she delivered the results so much better than I have done! You will be blessed!

This was too funny. Y'all have got to see this! We gave him paper and crayons to play with while we did our family bible study this morning before Jason left for his first day of class. Michael did scribble on the paper but then he found another use for his crayons!

Michael discovered the dryer today. He usually isn't interested in it until the laundry comes out. But he was crawling by the dryer and noticed the door was slightly open, he stood up and opened it all the way so he could see what was inside. Before I could take the clothes out he found his clothes first. lol

Review week

This morning I started review week with the girls. We began with having a Bible study in first Psalm. It's a wonderful verse and my heart if filled with joy watching my little ladies discuss and show understanding while they learn. I am excited to be homeschooling our children full time this year. I am humbled to watch them learn and grow in Christ. This week will be filled with Bible studies, Math (flash cards), and site words (for Alyssa) to prepare our full time studies next week. I am really excited that I didn't have to finish college (although I would like to) to teach my children. I am also thrilled to learn things by teaching them that I have never learned.

I made two schedule options to begin our year with so if one doesn't work for our family then I will try the other. Eventually I hope to have down a secure routine. Amber and Alyssa are also taking music lessons this year. Some of you may or may not know but we are a musical family. Most of you probably don't know but I used to sing and I have been in praise and worship bands and I was also part of a group that never went anywhere. I have always wanted to learn piano so I plan to use an adult booklet that Jason bought for me a long time ago. Alyssa started last semester with piano and will continue. She also wants daddy to teach her how to play the trumpet and she is very curious about the clarinet (we have quite a few instruments. Amber will be taking flute lessons this semester. She would have continued with Shanda only the she moved back home after graduating from the seminary :( we miss her.

If anyone is interested in music lessons for your child I can recommend who we have hired to teach our girls. The music teacher is a fairly new seminary student and is extremely reasonable!! So, if your child is interested contact me and I will pass along to you her name and number.

God bless you all as we begin a new school year.

I didn't have time to turn the kitchen light on once Jason told me to tape Michael.....I just I grabbed my camera and started. Sorry it's not bright and please excuse my weeding out pile on the freezer. And well, the stuff on the floor comes from Michael getting into everything. We didn't know he would start throwing stuff away though.....so now we really gotta watch him! HE IS TOO CUTE!! Enjoy him!

Hi! I am nominating my husband as a man who has an extraordinary need and deserves more than I am able to give him. We are a family of five. He is in graduate school and I stay home to care for and school our three children.

Three years ago, before we moved to TX, I bought him a lap top as a gift for going back to school. While in Seminary he has been holding down 3 jobs simultaneously - Teacher, Security Officer, and Full Time Graduate Student.

Some people call him Superman, but since that title is taken, I will call him Renaissance Man. Not only is he the hardest working man I know, he never complains about how many hours he has to work even when he is completely exhausted. He leaves for his teaching position at 7am, attends classes in the afternoon, and then goes off to his security job before getting home at 1:30 AM the next morning!

He manages to juggle all of his responsibilities without leaving his family in debt of spending time with him. School is one of his passions in life and he would go the rest of his life given the chance! Fortunately, for us, he only has a couple of years left.

His laptop is dying and we cannot afford to fix it with the frugal budget we have to live on. He has tried to fix the ole gal but she’s not getting better, she is pretty sick and he doesn’t give her much time to live.

Because of his teaching job and his own classes, he uses his lap top everyday. I would give anything to give him another laptop that will carry him the rest of the way through school and beyond because he has worked harder for his family than any man I know.

Thank you,


Jennifer--Thank you for your help!!

I cried reading my entry, I never knew writing about my husband would touch me so deeply. I truly admire and love him.

I'm Nominating my husband at..... www.5minutesformom.com/4033/blogs-can-change-lives/

Our second campsite. The first camp site was inside Estes Park.....so now we are taking you into the National Forest where we camped for two more nights. It was much colder at night at this spot mainly because we are elevated higher than Mary's Lake. Our last night was SO cold, we were freezing. This was our favorite camp ground out of the two....enjoy!

I forgot to add this picture I took driving into the camp site. We would have stopped to take a better picture but there were a couple cars behind us. This river goes on for miles! It's absolutely perfect and I would give anything to have this in my backyard someday! I added a VIDEO at the end of this post.

The little gray building is the bathroom and sinks are located on the out side for washing dishes or needing water.

We decided to check out the camping area first before leaving our other site so we wouldn't lose it just in case, we decided we liked it. Jason left me, Alyssa, and Michael here so no one would take it while he took Amber with him to get our tent and belongings to set up here.
This camp ground was our favorite and we spent more time here than we did at the other one, but only because there were things to do and see!

Alyssa made good use of her time waiting. She decided to build a rock pile and act like an Indian.

My little princess getting dirty? Who would have thunk it?

YEAH, really dirty
Proud of her pile....

She decided it was time to play Golf! With a pine cone lol

I can't remember what she is doing here

HERE come the invasion of the Ground Squirrels! Up close and VERY personal. I had to take Michael out of his baby carrier because Michael was trying to grab this little critter and the little critter was curious about Michael. Didn't want him to get bit and Lord knows what kind of bacteria etc.... these critters may carry. At least it didn't touch his pacifier....ew

He decided to invite a friend......typical teenager, when mom and dad are away they invite friends over and have a party.....only I was standing right there lol

He was checking out my shoe and I was thankful he didn't try to crawl up my leg! I can see it now, everyone staring at a grown woman screaming and shaking her leg while running around in circles like she's crazy? lol

Michael just about jumped out of that carrier to chase the critter

Michael THREW his capri drink at the squirrel!! LOL

The squirrel didn't run, nope....he went after it lol.... and here I thought it was going to scare him away......ha!

He was sniffing my shoe first and lost interest ;p .... again, I am glad he didn't try to climb me....

This one is cute and so fast I have to use the sports mode! He doesn't know I am watching him and taking pix of him....

OR maybe he does lol

This one thought if he stayed still long enough I would go away...hmm...no.

Excuse me? There is NOTHING in there for you! Nosy little critter! LOL

How do I get into this thing the human has!

He thought I wouldn't see him creep up the side lol
"Maybe I can get in this way"

He REALLY wants to know what's in here....
"I found an opening"

I have almost got it and the humans aren't looking!

Shoot.....the human caught me! Maybe if I stare her down long enough she will leave......I'm not real, just blending in with nature. (he doesn't know it's red shhh...lol)

Finally setting up!

The kids love to help daddy

The view from behind the tent

What's wrong Michael....it's the biggest pack-n-play you will ever have lol

Hey! Don't ignore me people!

We love our little porch....came in handy when it rained!

Alyssa helping daddy...

Hey hot hubby! What you doin (y'all do know Joey right?lol) .....Come here often?

My little Eskimo! I told you it was COLD! It was probably in the low 30's

I bundled up my kiddies by putting flannel blanket's in with their sleeping bags....it was soooo COLD. I covered M with a million things lol

Then came morning and M was at it again! His mission this trip to wake Alyssa each morning....

Lets see if this will wake her....

Nope, will someone help me?

Yes! Mission accomplished! (then he tried to share his pacifier with her)

Time for breakfast! And if you know me well....it's my favorite meal of the day!!! And it was so gorgeous to top it off making it a perfect morning!

life does not get any better than this folks!!!

My two favorite men again...life doesn't get any better!

Sweet moments with my baby boy!

I love his shirt lol...perfect for this trip

He LOVES to play with my hair..

He is VERY affectionate (just like daddy).....my sweet boy.

Hey....what are you guys doing over there! I think I smell bacon? At least it's not deer meat.....

Ah...life in the big forest.....don't you wish you were me?

What a view...
Below is the view behind the tent and where the deer was checking us out.

In front of the tent, and we had perfect shad the entire stay!

In front of our tent
It's a short clip and it was very windy....