Note my sarcasm lol....since we live in a house now I forget we have a garage. In my defense it's been yrs since I have lived in a house with a garage! This one is small and we have some things in it (all of it's not ours). I don't think my van would fit except for the entrance which is good so if it rains I can pull in and we can get out and into the house without getting wet. Jason usually leaves the truck parked on the street so he can get in and just leave to be at work.

WELL, he told me yesterday that he had "thought" of putting the truck in the garage the night before (the ice storm), and I just looked at him speechless! Then I said "I think the truck would fit, but there is stuff in the way". He said yeah, I thought about moving a couple of things but I don't know why I didn't. SO, I went out there last night moved "a couple of things and pulled the truck into the garage! Do you all know what that would have save us yesterday morning! What we went through in the cold to melt the truck......MEN LOL

So, I heard on the news that they expect a refreeze over night. Well, this morning my van is covered again, and he took it for a drive last night to go to the chiropractor so it was thawed out....I guess he needed professional services after I cracked him. The doc said his neck was out but that was due to boxing....not from me heehee

I had one small scare when I went out to the truck to pull it into the garage yesterday I forgot about the slippery ice, I walked on a patch and almost fell, my heart skipped a beat and do I worry about me or the baby? no, I worried that Jason was going to kill me because just that morning while helping him with the truck he kept getting on me where to walk and not walk and to be careful to not fall.....I started feeling like a two year old even though he had the best of intentions.

So, here are my before and after pictures...from not being in the garage to being int he garage. AND I would like to point out how much faster his departure went this morning!

Before! Now keep in mind this picture is after a lot of work to get the ice off!

I would say I did purrdy good!

A dry truck!

Garage door to the front door.

View to the garage door from my front door.

Good ole TX! Everything is frozen over this morning. They said on the news that this ice storm was the worst on in 6 years. It's currently 29 degrees with a wind chill of 23 degreese. I helped Jason thaw out the truck this morning, the doors were frozen solid and was hard to open....he had to be at the academy at 9am this morning in stead of 6am for safety. I for one appreciated that! He called me once he got there, I was worried because the roads are so bad. I waited on pins-n-needles till he called me once he got there, he told me the roads were nerve racking and he only slid twice. Scary. Pray he makes it home safe and sound.

From my door on the front porch.

]Just zooming in...

Out back
Chickened out and went back was toooo cold!

Notice Jason does not have a goatee any more! btw..HEET works but it takes tooo many cans which is why it was on clearance at wally world. We bought one can and then resorted to using Cold water to finish off the windows so he could leave.
Opened my garage door for this one!

Well, I am off to mop and get somethings done!

Random Ramblings

I am procrastinating going out to the garage to get Jason's PT (physical training) uniforms out of the dryer...IT'S COLD! We are talking freezing rain and such kinda cold! To get to the garage I have to walk out the front door through the front porch, it is covered but that doesn't stop the bone piercing chill. BUT, thank you Lord, Jason does not have to be at the academy until 9am instead of 6am which means I don't have to get up at 4:30am. Notice there are A LOT of am's? I have not been getting much sleep, I go back to sleep when he leaves around 5:30 but then M is up between 7-7:30. It's harder than it sounds, but I am also pregnant so that does not help I am sure.

At least I don't have to walk in this weather like I did at Carrol Park to do laundry in the rain, hail, sleet, and snow!!

So, while I procrastinate, I thought I would get things off my mind. I had a difficult time with exercising my patience yesterday with everything but especially my children which led me to act the way I never usually act which is why they looked at me like I was taken over by aliens and that my friends is probably why children think their parents are weird. I was just frustrated and feeling a bit stressed over a few things that I don't normally talk about or share...with anyone....doubt I will share it here either. Believe it or not I do bottle a lot of things inside and then it all comes flooding out on Jason but not in a mean way to him just a I need an ear and someone to listen to me get the madness of my chest.

Okay, so it's only two days into this week, but so far it's been a week!! Although today did go A LOT better than yesterday. I did have to punish my sweet Alyssa again for running her mouth of at mom. She will be seven years old soon and starting to push new boundaries to see if she can or can not cross. Alyssa was worst yesterday. Here is what happened.

I put M down for a second nap, and right when Jason was calling to come home I answered and told him to hold on because this is what went down...

Mom, do we have paper towels?

No, we are out, gotta get some"

Well, if someone in this house would use their brain they could get in the car and go get some".

You know what that earned her.......AND I don't think she will be saying that again...ever! still can't believe she said that. I stood looking at her in shock for a few seconds like she could not have just said that to me.

Anyway, I had a challenging time doing Math with Amber yesterday, I even emailed Cameron for help! I never ask anyone for help (one of my many flaws). Her attitude was fine (Amber not Cameron HA! LOL!) but Amber was not getting it. So, I was frustrated thinking it was ME or she was just being l-a-z-y.

Jason comes home and I show him and he trys explaining it (Estimating Quotients) and she was still in a fog. I then showed Jason how I was explaining it to her in more than one way... with some hesitation because he's a math genuis and was a math teacher and I was thinking he's going to regret letting me do this with her. BUT, he said "You did fine, you explained it right, it's not you". Let me just tell you....I had a party in my head! YAY

I relaxed a bit feeling so much better after he said that especially when today I was determined to do anything I could to help her get it so it would also stick. I am pleased to announce it WORKED! She even said "This way is a lot faster". What ever I said she got it and in fact she got it more than I did so I asked her to pretend like she was teaching me and go through the steps talking out loud so I could see how she found the correct quotient and to make sure she did in fact understand it. She is a smart little cookie! I think if she would stop getting so mad at herself when she gets stuck she would soar.

Jason had an interesting day at the academy. I forget the name of the physical training thingy they did but it involved boxing and he ended up with a bloody nose and busted lip, and yes, this was supposed to happen. In fact, he has to go through it again tomorrow. The instructors were proud of all the students because it's the first time no one had to be sent to the hospital for a broken nose etc..... Now that's not to say they are not in a whole lot of pain. J has bruises and scrapes etc..on his body and is really wanting to go to our chiropractor BUT because the chiro closes at noon on Tuesdays, SO, he had me crack him, then he gets a little cranky trying to tell me how to do it right.

OKAY, first of all I am not nearly as strong as our chiropractor and second I reminded him that......I AM NOT A CHIROPRACTOR!! Crazy boy! I managed to crack something and he could still walk so this was a good sign I thought.

I am 25 weeks pregnant now and let me tell you from the first time I felt this baby move at 18 weeks he or she has NOT stopped. I am constantly feeling this baby everywhere. Good Lord baby, don't worry, you will be out soon. But oh-my-word, none of my other babies were this active, I have a future athlete on my hands and backing the future down to now, I wonder if I am going to have my hands FULL with this one?!?!

I recently registered at Babies-rus (however it's spelled). I doubt I will have baby shower this time but I thought it would be a good idea to make a running list of things I actually WANT this time that I can eventually save and get instead of making a list of things I am desperate for HA! Plus, by registering I can having this running list and not forget what I was wanting.....I thought it was a good idea even if I don't get all of it. OH, AND, Jason laughed at me when I started adding really expensive things on there because I could........I took them off but it felt good for a couple of days....hee-hee.

Alright, gotta get his clothes out of the dryer, don't think he would appreciate wearing clothes that cold in the morning! Oh the temptation HAHA ...well...Nigh-night!

One tooth down

Alyssa lost her first tooth this morning! She has been showing me all week how loose her bottom tooth is and then I noticed her new one coming up right behind it. So, this morning she woke up with lots of excitement and showed me that her tooth was loose enough this morning that she pulled it out herself. Amber did the same thing. But I clearly remember that my mother had to pin me down in between her legs to get my first tooth out....but I don't know what she said that may have scared me. I know she went to talk to a neighbor when I was about to loose my tooth and I went running to daddy to save me! After she pinned me down I was still squirming and trying to make her stop when she said "I'm done, your tooth is out".

Anywhoo-- I tried to take a picture but I can't seem to get it to come pun intended ;p

p.s.....I got allllll my pix from the camera uploaded (finally) and will be posting soon.

Hey There

At least I changed my far hee-hee. I am so far behind in posting but I will get to writing more soon. Thought I would start with this to encourage myself.