My mother came for a week long visit and we had a good time. She was such a big help between the babies and cleaning she really gave me a nice start to keeping up with things. She is a cleaning machine.

I am left with the little memories now that she has returned home. I think about how she would talk about my dad and talk about her husband and talk about her family and she even apologized and told me she feels responsible for her family not talking to me and I could see a different appreciation in her for our relationship which I think has come from her mother passing away two years ago. I listened to everything she had to say and I was sympathetic and forgiving and why?.....because she's my mother.

She helped so much around the house and with the children. It was funny to find every thing put away in a different place than it's usual so at times I would smile while feeling lost in my kitchen. She helped with laundry too and washed whites with dark's because she was certain this load would be okay being washed together.....I just looked at her with a puzzled times she did some random things that made us laugh and no matter what I appreciated her help.....because she is my mother.

A sweet moment came the first night she was here. She gave me and Amber a pair of gold ear rings each that my grandmother wanted her grand daughters to have. Amber is the oldest of the great grand children so she is the only one out of the great grand children who received a pair. My grandmother didn't have many ear rings to pass around. She will be giving Alyssa a pair as well but didn't have a pair to give because she didn't know Alyssa had her ears pierced. This to me was a priceless moment because she is my mother :)

This is her fist day with us.....

Watching Madison sleep

Our family picture she took for us on Father's day

This is a happy grandma

Overall it was a very pleasant visit and I am grateful for her help and the time we had together.

Y'all know you wanted to see my bath room organizer thingy lol I finally get to use it! It didn't fit in town house.
So here we have the Boon Frog which we love! We followed directions (imagine that) and it's staying on the wall so far just using the suction cups. Many reviews complained the frog fell off etc...well our froggy has not jumped of the wall quite yet ;p
He loves bath time! And might kill me for this picture someday lol

Okay--Diaper rash ointment is NOT lotion and it is toxic if swallowed which he did put some in his mouth!

I figured out that he was copying me when I put "real" lotion on my face after washing my face lol

Okay--this is a great product! 4moms clean water baby bath tub. I bought this with gift money from babies-r-us. I bought it based on a review from a mom who had a c-section. It's been very useful and helpful to me with having had an unexpected c-section. And the little Bath Luve Frog is great! It keeps her warm and she loves the bath too, she only cries when I take her out.

The pix are, well, crooked....oh well....but he got hungry an took matters into his own hands lol

Sweet sweet moments!

Amber spiked his hair and said "Now he looks like uncle John!"
Thanks Cameron!! The swing is so nice!

Michael trying to pull her out

She's coming?!!

I am totally shocked! My mother called yesterday and her husband surprised her with a plane ticket after she woke from a nap to come visit me and the kids on the 15th of this month!! She will be staying a week so pray! I am very excited! Pray for her health too, while she is here...she is on an oxygen tank for Asthma and has to sleep at night with it as well!

On a different note:
My girls were supposed to be cleaning their room the other day, so, while I am watching HGTV (LOVE IT) and nursing they come out to show me what they did to their innocent baby brother!

We will call this "Growing up with older sisters!" LOL...what WILL they think of next?

While I was in the hospital Cameron came and spent one night there with me and we had a really good time! First she brought me Pei wei (Chinese food) then she went out of her way to bring me the sweet tea I like at Rosa's cafe. Shannon came the next day and was a huge help from the lovely cup of coffee, to moving me to my new room, to making me laugh an putting up with my crying and being irrational. I am past it thankfully (the crying but not irrational feelings LOL!). Anyway--between the both of them I thought for sure I was going to have to be restitched they made me laugh so hard! I love you guys!

okay--so, after I came home I don't know what I would have done with out Cameron! She not only came to the hospital and brought me food but she also made us dinner and brought me diapers! Who knew I would actually NEED newborn diapers? not me! Back to Homemade dinner made with love! I got my favorite stuffing in the world! Her homemade family recipe! It was a Thanksgiving feast I tell you and so good it hit the spot...I could have cried! Lets not forget the dessert (because I forgot to picture it ;p) I ate most of it by myself...not in one day but close LOL HA!

I love you girls an don't know what I would have done without you! Thank you for being there (Shannon driving 2 hours to get here and 2 more to go home just to be with me) and thank you for loving me so much even when I don't feel so loveable.