Okay , so now the left side of my top lip is busted! Two sides in the same day! Michael was sitting with on the couch this evening with me while Amber was trying to take his shirt off to give him a bath when his shirt got stuck coming off his head and then she yanked it off sending his head flying back into to other side of my mouth.

This time I screamed (a reaction I never do) because his little melon not only hit my top lip but he split it open and I was bleeding! Now both sides of my lip are even....lol

I just can't believe it.......it's the darnedest thing I have ever seen! lol

A busted lip

Okay, I was not going to post this but Jason laughed (a little too much) and told me it was too funny not to post. So here goes.....

I woke up at 5:30am this morning because I seriously had to go potty! Apparently I was still in my sleep and not all there because when I got to the bathroom I was too far from the toilet because while bending over to pull my pj's down I hit my top lip on the towel rack which then I was awake LOL....yep, it hurt but I carried on with my business and crawled back in bed and forgot about it until I woke up with a plump lip.

At least I didn't fall on the floor or something, that might have hurt worse especially if my back had hit the toilet or something.

My lip is sore, a little swollen, and feels so much bigger than it really is and thinking back on it....yes, it was funny! My only disclaimer is that I am pregnant ;p

My little handy man! Granddad, Grandma and Uncle Josh will appreciate this! We walk into the kitchen to find Michael working on the cabinet door. No idea where he got the little screw driver from because Jason keeps them in the storage unit with his tool box and the door was not opened. In any case, we laughed so hard it deserved some picture taking and seemed blog worthy. He is truly a BOY! Um....he was wearing shorts at some point. hmmmm. Maybe I forgot to put them back on after changing his diaper. He goes through quite a few in one day! Pix are not in order. Enjoy him :)

He got a little tired I suppose
This little handy man needs a break

Priceless moments to treasure indeed! The Lord has truly blessed us!