We had a really long week and lots of work got done including I finished reading the entire book of Genesis reading it to them. There is a lot of reading between teaching and reading everything for History so by the end of my days I am pretty tired. I think this week caught up to the girls. As usual I put my kids to bed at 8pm every night and they are usually up by 7:30am the next morning or 7:45 at the latest. Sometimes of Friday's they can stay up but last night they went to bed at the normal routine hour. Well! I got kinda worried this morning because time was nearing 9:45am. I went into their room and they were still out like a light. Then 10am rolls around and they are still sleeping and Michael is getting tired for his nap. Finally at 10:10 I hear little feet trample down the stairs with them saying "I guess I was really tired".

I guess so too! I tired my kids out this week lol. To be honest I need to recover as well.


  1. The Hall's said...
    WOW is right! Mine hit the floor at 6:45 no later than 7! Elleigh will sleep in if they don't wake her up but that doesn't usually happen either!
    queen of sheba said...
    yeah, M gets up at 6:45 but I usually will kiss him and lay him back down and he lets me sleep till 7:30-45.

    It was crazy this morning, they have never slept like that, but they are in really good moods so apparently they did need the sleep. Too bad M won't let me sleep like that ;p

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