Kids bring joy to my heart

A few funny things.
First- Michael turned 1 yesterday! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. I will post pictures of his birthday after we celebrate it September 4th. Also, I came back from the conference to learn he is walking all over the place.

We gave him an ice cream cone yesterday after dinner so once video decides to upload I will post it.

I am enjoying doing school work with my kids.
I took Alyssa to the library yesterday to get her first library card. She has been borrowing books and movies on mine, Jason's or Amber's card. She has been wanting one so badly but I didn't feel she was ready to hold on to her own card yet. Yesterday I take her and fill the paper work ou, I turn it in and the lady hands her her library card and Alyssa signed it, she felt very grown up. She asked me how much it was going to cost and I told her it's free to get a library card. She decided to pick out two movies to start with and ohmygoodness this child had me laughing so hard. We get to the desk with her movies, she hands the lady her library card, the lady scans it and hands it back to Alyssa. Alyssa looked at me and said "I still can't believe these cards are FREE" in a high pitched valley girl tone. The ladies behind the desk could not help but laugh too. Once we got home she told daddy at once that she could not believe she got a library card for free. She continued the day with saying "I just can't believe it, can you". She said or did something today that Jason told me I should blog....only, I don't remember what it is ;p

Kids bring so much joy to my heart!


  1. JGWmom said...
    You are hilarious and so is Alyssa. Sounds like she has your personality! :) Michael, walking - wow!!! He is so cute!
    queen of sheba said...
    so does that I sound like a valley girl too? hehehe ;p.....hmmm, oh boy, hope not LOL

    Her personality is a nice blend of both me and Jason.....sarcasm, humor and well, the works.
    The Hall's said...
    That is too funny and Michael walking is too cute! I bet Allysa has been told-nothing in this world is free! HA!
    queen of sheba said...
    yeah, she has lol AND I think she is figuring something out when she asked me how much money was on my card. I told her it's not my money, it's a fee I have to pay to the library because my items were a day or two late lol

    She said "Oh" with a hmmmm look on her face.

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