I was first introduced to Pampers Swaddlers Diapers in the hospital after giving birth to Michael. The very first thing that became my favorite part was how wonderful these diapers smell. It's a mommie mood enhancer. The nurses at my hospital where quite cleaver too...they make ice packs out of these diapers for you after giving birth if you have to recover from tearing and having stiches. I was completely impressed because it was so soft and worked so well for something it was not even intended for! They worked great.

I got to take the rest of the used diapers home for Michael (as they usually do). I bought one package when I ran out after being home but they are a bit pricey so I didn't keep buying them. Anyhow--I bought one package of these yummy diapers to await little Madison when we bring her home. I have already opened them, put them in the diaper stacker, and in the diaper caddy that I am in love with.

Well...in the process of doing laundry one of these diapers somehow ended up in the wash. However, I didn't know how durable these diapers are until I went to put the laundry in the dryer. I could not believe my eyes when I found the diaper! It was still in ONE piece. It was completely soaked but dry and never tore anywhere. Grant it, I wash most our clothing on the gentle cycle-however, most diapers would have been in pieces everywhere in the wash machine, or so I think, and I really don't want to test it out if you can imagine what that would be like. So, I had to take pictures and these pictures are worth showing and it didn't even wet my hard Wood flooring while taking pictures so I know it will protect clothing from getting wet etc..

Pros--They are the most soft diapers I have ever used. They hold so much better than other diapers I have used with no worries of leakage etc... They smell so good and when they do soil the gel does not crystallize leaving anything behind on your babies skin. If you are like me you soak up every penny you can out of a diaper. Even though I love these diapers, I can't say they are going to be an ongoing purchase. You get less diapers than other packages but they are yummy to start out with :)

Just look at these pictures after going through the wash. I am so impressed.

I want to scream

This week is NOT starting out with a very good day at all!

Not my day

I "had a day"....I am starting to hate AT&T and I had an interesting trip to Target. I'd complain/elaborate more but I am much too tired. I may edit later.......

A random side thought-- I should feel honored that I am due to have my baby on Mother's Day, BUT, that is supposed to be my day of rest and pampering....um not a day of "labor" lololololol.....I am already tired thinking about it ;p

It's not the best picture but here I am at 33 weeks :)
I start 34 weeks on Sunday.

My dear friend Cameron blessed me with some much needed clothes and dresses for the baby this week! But on top of the beautiful clothes-- she gave me a diaper bag with the letter "M" embroidered on it!! This is a first for me and I LOVE it!!! I was SO surprised! I feel so loved! I am using this bag or the hospital trip and of course daily use!

I LOVE bags. Handbags, diaper bags, I just LOVE bags! (an shoes ;p)
So Thank you so much again Cameron! I just Love the bag and you!!