Nominating My Husband

Hi! I am nominating my husband as a man who has an extraordinary need and deserves more than I am able to give him. We are a family of five. He is in graduate school and I stay home to care for and school our three children.

Three years ago, before we moved to TX, I bought him a lap top as a gift for going back to school. While in Seminary he has been holding down 3 jobs simultaneously - Teacher, Security Officer, and Full Time Graduate Student.

Some people call him Superman, but since that title is taken, I will call him Renaissance Man. Not only is he the hardest working man I know, he never complains about how many hours he has to work even when he is completely exhausted. He leaves for his teaching position at 7am, attends classes in the afternoon, and then goes off to his security job before getting home at 1:30 AM the next morning!

He manages to juggle all of his responsibilities without leaving his family in debt of spending time with him. School is one of his passions in life and he would go the rest of his life given the chance! Fortunately, for us, he only has a couple of years left.

His laptop is dying and we cannot afford to fix it with the frugal budget we have to live on. He has tried to fix the ole gal but she’s not getting better, she is pretty sick and he doesn’t give her much time to live.

Because of his teaching job and his own classes, he uses his lap top everyday. I would give anything to give him another laptop that will carry him the rest of the way through school and beyond because he has worked harder for his family than any man I know.

Thank you,


Jennifer--Thank you for your help!!

I cried reading my entry, I never knew writing about my husband would touch me so deeply. I truly admire and love him.

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  1. Jennifer said...
    When does this end again? The nomination process I mean.

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