Saturday morning the girls and I had a lot of fun doing a scrapbook page. It was Alyssa's first time and I only helped her a little. I would have never gotten into it if Jennifer from family musings had not introduced it to me when I lived in FL. I met Jenn through my hubby. They went to school together and after Jason and I married I met her. Alyssa was just a baby at the time, around 6 months or so. How the time flies by. Thank you again Jennifer!

Anyway, Alyssa is old enough now to find enjoyment in doing this. Of course, it had to be princess themed........Amber got into it too.
We have a lot more materials than when we first started scrapping pages......


I was going to get on here and blog but after cleaning today, moving furniture around trying to make better room etc, and just finishing up the kitchen I am tired....but the funny part is that while I was finishing up the kitchen I thought now would be a good time to write without interruptions since the kids are in bed and I am slow at typing coming in at only around 35-40 wpm with the real problem being......I totally forgot what I was going to write about! LOL Yeah, it's a sign......time to go to bed lol.....night!

Fun at the Park

Home-made Boklava