He noticed =0

Alyssa has pink eye. She has not been feeling well has fever and throwing up so it's viral. Pinkeye is viral. Anyway, I got her fever down and her eye "seems" to be improving and the hubby sees how full my hands are. He helped me yesterday when he got off early and said "It's a wonder how you get anything done around here during the day"...and yet I do ;p he's sweet to notice and that means a lot to me!!

I am way behind in posting as usual. I can't upload any pix on here my key board to my computer is dead so I am stuck using Jason's dying laptop. The boy needs a new one! oy. I am not sure how he ever wrote 15-30 page papers for school on this thing.

my little cutie

Some of these face expressions are so funny! Plus, she makes noises I have never heard a baby make before like a long *sigh* as though you work all day and kick your shoes off and relax.