We have been blessed by friends in our Sunday School class. After letting our class know we are pregnant again and adding to the prayer sheet about needing to find a new place to live everyone began to come up with suggestions. One woman even contacted her brother who rents out homes but he had nothing available. The next Sunday, I think it was, Bob and Angie told us we could rent their house in a kidding tone or so that's how we took them and put no thought into it.

They moved out the house we will be renting a few months ago because they bought a newer house to meet their needs having four children. They do plan to sell their house but with the housing market the way it is right now they felt it would be better to rent to us before they sell it. Renting from them will also help them out because they won't loose the money they put into it in order to sell it. So you could say that the Lord has brought us together to help each other out in a time of need.

They had begun asking us questions and then they got serious about us renting. But the sweetest thing Bob said to us was "We would rent to y'all cause we know you and trust you". That was so nice to hear! So with some more talking etc... we went to see the house last week and made the final decision to say "Yes". We are really excited, this will be our first home together even though we will be renting. Obviously we can't live here too long because they do want and need to sell their house, so Jason and I have talked about living there for a year while we save up to purchase a home of our own! How exciting!

They are too sweet. Both Bob and Angie were seminary students they and so they completely understand our financial circumstances, they are only asking us to pay $50 dollars more than what we are paying right now. When Jason gets a better paying job we will pay them more to meet their needs and like I mentioned we will be saving to buy our own home! Oh how I long for that day!!!

Now, I already told y'all how sweet they are, but it does not stop there! They are letting us paint! Big deal right? Well it is to us, especially because they are buying the paint and letting us pick out the colors we want which is why I took Cameron over to the house to look at the house with me because she and I have similar likes with colors etc....

I love Reds, Greens, and Browns. My problem is that I know what I like but I don't know how to put it together and if you have been to Cameron's house you will know why I had to ask her to help me out! My other problem is that I have never painted before but Jason has so it won't be a total disaster ;p just kidding.

I don't have any pix's yet because I need to buy some new batteries for my camera. When I do, I will show y'all everything. The house has three bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths, one car garage, a front porch, a back screened in back porch, and they even left the swing set for my kids to play! Oh, and I have a fenced in backyard! Oh, there are also poles already set up to hang clothes on the line when the weather is nice so all I need is to get some rope. There is also a shed out back and a little swing hanging from a tree for us adults :)

I am so excited about this house and honestly I get even more excited about it while writing this. We are moving the week of Thanksgiving as of right now and we plan to paint before moving in. Oh, I did have a concern about painting while being pregnant so I asked Bob if it would be safe for me to help paint. I asked Bob because he was a professional painter and will tell you he painted his way through seminary. He is currently working on his PHD at SWBTS. He said I can paint as long as it's Latex based paint and not Oil based paint. I was relieved to hear that!

The house is not even five minuets away from where we are now. I won't say what street it's on until I email y'all with the new address because I just don't think it's safe to put out that much information on here. Another thing I have decided to do is not pack.....you are thinking I am crazy right about now, but since it's less than 5 min from here we are going to move one room at a time with our van, truck, and my dads van. Also, we have had friends offer to help move as well. Praise GOD!

I will do my best to keep y'all posted and get pix up sometime. It might take some time but it will happen.