Another Unexpected Blessing

Oh, where to even begin. Well, you all know that I have weaned Michael before going to see Beth Moore. Well, my chest has continued to hurt from what I thought was still drying up but taking forever yet not that big of a deal just annoying. So, I have been expecting "Aunt Flow" to arrive on her usual punctual time, 1 day came and she didn't show, 2 days came and I'm thinking my hormones are needing to balance due to just ending nursing.

So on the third day I was thinking hmmm...."maybe I should take a pregnancy test?" I was emailing Cameron about something, don't remember what, but then I told her my thoughts, and that I was going to buy a test. I then told Jason after he woke up that I was going to buy a test and he got quite then said "Just wait". Hmmmm, no. I went to the store, came home and while the girls are anxiously waiting outside the bathroom door I took the test. I bought the equate brand. They have always worked just fine for me.

So, after taking the test, I look with just taking a glance and said "yeah, didn't think so" then I stand at my sink to wash my hands, reach over to pick the test up to throw it away and I look at it once more and there it was a PLUS sign. In denile I took another test since I bought the value pack, and it too turned up positive. I walk out of the bathroom door and here is how it went....

Amber: Well, you are aren't you

mom: It's positive as I show her the test

Amber: Great

Amber: I can't believe you are pregnant

mom: you can't?

mom: hmmmm.......WOW......I'm I slip away into what I feel like is a dream and I will awaken at any moment, or not.

Alyssa: mommie, how does the test work, how does it tell you you are pregnant?

mom: Well, the test is for mommie's to go potty with and then (while pointing) this part of the test will read this part of the test and tell mommie if I am going to have a baby or not.

Alyssa: Oh, then when can we pick a girl, because I want a baby sister.

Amber: I want another brother

Alyssa: begins to that's not fair we already have one I want a sister, mommie can we pick a sister

mom: All I could do was laugh so hard with tears while trying to expalin to Alyssa that we don't just pick what we want.

Y'all, it was SO FUNNY! Then they continued the day with naming the baby.

Oaky, after taking care of Alyssa's understanding I got into the van and drove over to our truck parked on campus because Jason was in class when I took the test. I put the test on the dash board so he would see it first thing before coming home. He got out of class, came home to me sitting on the front porch waiting for him. He drove up with a huge smile on his face, he gets out still smiling and I ask him how he feels....he said "Happy but a little nervous" I said "yeah, me too".

That's not all folks. I was still in denial, I went to Dr. Knight on campus for another test and to get an official "yes you are" so we can get medical coverage. Sure enough......I AM PREGNANT. Talk about a shock and awe day. Not much school work got done either. We are happy and the excitement is growing.

Now, I remember telling Jason when I thought I was pregnant with Alyssa, he gave me the raised eyebrow and did not believe me. Then I told him the same thing with Michael and there again he did not believe me, and made me wait that time because we were in FL for Christmas. We finally bought a test and I was so nervous after taking it that I covered it with a towel and then made him go into the bathroom (while at his parents house a couple days before Christmas) to look at it and sure enough it was positive too....
you would think by now he would believe me lol... grant it 3 or 4 months ago I took a test because I thought I was then too, but it's not like I take them all the time lol

Anyway, we have A LOT of details to work out and I am very very fatigue! Lift us up in prayer because we sure do need it.


  1. The Hall's said...
    FINALLY! I have been waiting all day to see how you would tell it. Funny story about the girls. CONGRATULATIONS! They truly are blessings-even when WE don't plan them!

    Love you!
    Jennifer said...
    Oh my gosh! Congratulations!
    I am so happy for you it took me three tries to spell congratulations right!

    It's times like this when I wish I had your phone number so I could call you. :)
    JGWmom said...
    God is so Good! Your story is too funny! I'm REALLY glad it was you explaining it to your GIRLS and not me explaining it to my BOYS! Whew! He/She IS a blessing and by the way, not one of mine was planned by us (at the time, anyway), but all were by the Lord! Congratulations!
    P.S I will be praying and I will put you on our church prayer list! :)
    queen of sheba said...
    lol....Cameron, you kill me! lol
    I LOVE YOU!!!

    Jenn--That was so funny!! I will email my digits to you

    And Shannon--Thanks for putting on your church list and I BET you are happy that it's me explaining it to my girls and not you to your would probably want to kill your doctor!

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