I Love Fall!

Two of my absolute favorite seasons is Fall and Spring. I have downloaded some really nice Free digital Fall scrapbooking designs and I hope to update the look of my blog for the season. I am still learning so it may take awhile. I have so much fun playing learing how to do my blog. I have tought myself a lot of html and I learned how to add three colunms becuase I like things that are cemetricle. Okay, I did get a bit lazy, I copied and pasted my codes instead of typing most of them lol.... I know what y'all are thinking...."Here she goes again"....LOL I can't help myself! It's like buying new shoes or handbags or decorations or clothes (which I really need). You are probabaly thinking I am not content, don't worry, I am, I just love to decorate, someday I might even get good at it lol. You should see how often I used to rearrange furniture! I don't have much room now but I still find a way for that "fresh" look. It's amazing how you can give your room a brand new look by araging pictures and decorations without spending a dime, not that I haven't thought about it. I make due with what I have though! Alright, time to make some coffee and M is making me a present........oy

Here are some pix, of my my kitchen that is also our homeschool class room. The microwave isn't in front of this map anymore but that explains the tea pot lol
See...I am smart! I put my easel board low so I can sit in the chair, I don't have to stand.
See the trash can in the sink? well, yes I scrub my trash cans, can't help myself.


  1. JGWmom said...
    I love Fall, too! Nice pics of your kitchen - so neat! I esp. like your "kitchen window" over your sink! My big thing when the weather changes is getting outside and "messing" in my flower beds and with my containers on my porch. I cannot wait to go mum & pumpkin shopping! HAPPY FALL! :)
    The Hall's said...
    ME TOO! Ready for some fall temps! We are supposed to get some next week!
    Jennifer said...
    Your place looks so cute and inviting!
    queen of sheba said...
    Thanks Jenn, I have been working on it.

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