Our first day of school!

And what a day it was.......Oh-my-word! Okay, this momma is TIRED. I was up at six to begin my day with breakfast and God's word before the other Spencer peeps got up. I literally had to make all of them, including Jason get out of bed. Well, except Michael. They all got up at 7:30, got dressed for the day, made beds, tidy up, and to the kitchen for breakfast at 8am. Family bible study at 8:30 after the kitchen has been cleaned up from breakfast, and around 10 minuets till 9 we tidy up the down stairs living room, bathroom, etc.... start school at 9am.

The last couple of weeks I have been reviewing with the girls and it's gone smooth. Today though, I am not sure what happened! Michael has been whiny and refused to take his "normal" naps, he just wanted me to hold him while he played with/in my hair, then I had to go to the RAC at 11:30 and takes a good while for some food and left with literally 5 things. Not that I am complaning though because it's a blessing no matter what, but I was hoping to get canned beef stew for the kids. then I was getting lost using my History curriculum from Sonlight (my first time)......of course it would have helped if I had actually READ through most the material before starting ya know, instead of just glancing and such. Hey....what can I say, I have a lot of confidence in myself LOL. Then it was off to Garret Manor to drop Amber and Alyssa off for their music lessons at 3:30.

Ironically, I am not having a hard time in Math. English is going well too. I am using Modern Curriculum Press for Math and Shurley for English. Although, I am most likely going to switch to Singapore Math next year because Modern C Press Math stops at 6th grade.

Things were C R A Z Y around here today!! I regret not taking any pictures, but apparently I didn't even think about it....I will post some and hopefully my computer will let me up load!! It won't let me up load any more videos because it claims I have no more storage. Jason supposedly fixed it but she's arguing with him and he back at her lol we'll just have to see who wins.

Anyway, I was sharing with Cameron that I think the hardest part about homeschooling for me will be all the talking I have to do. It's very tiring and I never talk that much, ever. Since I can't email my kids I will just have to get over it ;p It's no wonder why Jason never felt like talking when he got home from work after a full day of teaching. The girls kept asking me if I was "okay". "Hmmm...yes, mom is okay" (shhh they have no idea how scattered I feel ;) However, I must say I have absolutely NO stress! No due dates, no driving all over God's creation and house work got done by sticking to our routine.

Well...I am so exhausted I am going to sleep so I can start all over again tomorrow.


  1. The Hall's said...
    We will just have to help each other through it. It is a JOB!!! Some days-whew (actually a lot of days) last year I was just ready to say I can't do this anymore and in fact I called Aaron lots of times telling him that I couldn't do it anymore. Hang in there. We'll get through it! Please remind me of me saying this when I have had one of my days!!!
    JGWmom said...
    As I told Cameron, I am amazed and inspired by y'all! Keep pressing on and know I'm Praying for ya! :)

    Jennifer said...
    Sounds like you have a great schedule! Maybe an external hard drive would be a good investment when you get a chance.
    queen of sheba said...
    I will have to look into that.....and ask Jason.......

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