Michael's Tool Time

My little handy man! Granddad, Grandma and Uncle Josh will appreciate this! We walk into the kitchen to find Michael working on the cabinet door. No idea where he got the little screw driver from because Jason keeps them in the storage unit with his tool box and the door was not opened. In any case, we laughed so hard it deserved some picture taking and seemed blog worthy. He is truly a BOY! Um....he was wearing shorts at some point. hmmmm. Maybe I forgot to put them back on after changing his diaper. He goes through quite a few in one day! Pix are not in order. Enjoy him :)

He got a little tired I suppose
This little handy man needs a break

Priceless moments to treasure indeed! The Lord has truly blessed us!


  1. The Hall's said...
    One word-ADORABLE!!!
    JGWmom said...
    He looks so intent on "fixing" your cabinet! LOL Sooooo Cute! Laundry...now handyman, you are on your way to having a BIG helper in your midst!
    Jennifer said...
    That is so cute. These are pictures that must go in his senior yearbook page!

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