Aspen Glen camp ground

Our second campsite. The first camp site was inside Estes now we are taking you into the National Forest where we camped for two more nights. It was much colder at night at this spot mainly because we are elevated higher than Mary's Lake. Our last night was SO cold, we were freezing. This was our favorite camp ground out of the two....enjoy!

I forgot to add this picture I took driving into the camp site. We would have stopped to take a better picture but there were a couple cars behind us. This river goes on for miles! It's absolutely perfect and I would give anything to have this in my backyard someday! I added a VIDEO at the end of this post.

The little gray building is the bathroom and sinks are located on the out side for washing dishes or needing water.

We decided to check out the camping area first before leaving our other site so we wouldn't lose it just in case, we decided we liked it. Jason left me, Alyssa, and Michael here so no one would take it while he took Amber with him to get our tent and belongings to set up here.
This camp ground was our favorite and we spent more time here than we did at the other one, but only because there were things to do and see!

Alyssa made good use of her time waiting. She decided to build a rock pile and act like an Indian.

My little princess getting dirty? Who would have thunk it?

YEAH, really dirty
Proud of her pile....

She decided it was time to play Golf! With a pine cone lol

I can't remember what she is doing here

HERE come the invasion of the Ground Squirrels! Up close and VERY personal. I had to take Michael out of his baby carrier because Michael was trying to grab this little critter and the little critter was curious about Michael. Didn't want him to get bit and Lord knows what kind of bacteria etc.... these critters may carry. At least it didn't touch his pacifier....ew

He decided to invite a friend......typical teenager, when mom and dad are away they invite friends over and have a party.....only I was standing right there lol

He was checking out my shoe and I was thankful he didn't try to crawl up my leg! I can see it now, everyone staring at a grown woman screaming and shaking her leg while running around in circles like she's crazy? lol

Michael just about jumped out of that carrier to chase the critter

Michael THREW his capri drink at the squirrel!! LOL

The squirrel didn't run, nope....he went after it lol.... and here I thought it was going to scare him away......ha!

He was sniffing my shoe first and lost interest ;p .... again, I am glad he didn't try to climb me....

This one is cute and so fast I have to use the sports mode! He doesn't know I am watching him and taking pix of him....

OR maybe he does lol

This one thought if he stayed still long enough I would go

Excuse me? There is NOTHING in there for you! Nosy little critter! LOL

How do I get into this thing the human has!

He thought I wouldn't see him creep up the side lol
"Maybe I can get in this way"

He REALLY wants to know what's in here....
"I found an opening"

I have almost got it and the humans aren't looking!

Shoot.....the human caught me! Maybe if I stare her down long enough she will leave......I'm not real, just blending in with nature. (he doesn't know it's red

Finally setting up!

The kids love to help daddy

The view from behind the tent

What's wrong's the biggest pack-n-play you will ever have lol

Hey! Don't ignore me people!

We love our little porch....came in handy when it rained!

Alyssa helping daddy...

Hey hot hubby! What you doin (y'all do know Joey right?lol) .....Come here often?

My little Eskimo! I told you it was COLD! It was probably in the low 30's

I bundled up my kiddies by putting flannel blanket's in with their sleeping was soooo COLD. I covered M with a million things lol

Then came morning and M was at it again! His mission this trip to wake Alyssa each morning....

Lets see if this will wake her....

Nope, will someone help me?

Yes! Mission accomplished! (then he tried to share his pacifier with her)

Time for breakfast! And if you know me's my favorite meal of the day!!! And it was so gorgeous to top it off making it a perfect morning!

life does not get any better than this folks!!!

My two favorite men doesn't get any better!

Sweet moments with my baby boy!

I love his shirt lol...perfect for this trip

He LOVES to play with my hair..

He is VERY affectionate (just like daddy) sweet boy.

Hey....what are you guys doing over there! I think I smell bacon? At least it's not deer meat..... in the big forest.....don't you wish you were me?

What a view...
Below is the view behind the tent and where the deer was checking us out.

In front of the tent, and we had perfect shad the entire stay!

In front of our tent
It's a short clip and it was very windy....


  1. The Hall's said...
    YOU are a MESS!
    stoneface said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    queen of sheba said...
    I think I had TOO much fun writing this one! I had to keep stopping because I couldn't stop laughing!

    I should write a post on what it's like to be me...LOL
    JGWmom said...
    I love all your pics!!! Looks like such a blast! I cannot get over how cold it got in July! Wow! Also, I love that the animals were so "friendly"!
    Jennifer said...
    There are so many things to comment on I don't know where to start!

    I love the Alyssa is playing in the dirt. She might just be a country girl at heart. And Michael in the morning... doesn't look like co-sleeping with all your kids would be a good idea now that you are back at home. :)
    Anonymous said...
    I'm surprised the squirrels didn't sleep with y'all at night! Seriously, it looks like a great trip.
    queen of sheba said...
    I think if we had invited them, they would have stayed in our tent. I was a fabulous trip!

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