In addition to my mini melt down.
I have Swept the Kitchen Floor FOUR TIMES today! And no, it's not because I wanted to..............

I am sure I haven't mentioned this mainly because I have not had the time, but Michael is crawling.......more Army crawl they practice in boot camp! It's SO funny to watch! LOL

He also now has his first tooth! I will post about of it later..........someday ;p

TOOOOO many things to do and NOT enough time, hands or hours!

Pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!

Just a stressed mommie of three right now :(

Our new van!

Our new van. It was truly a God thing how we got it. Originally we found a 1999 Honda Odyssey. The problem was there was no info if the timing belt had been changed, water pump etc.... so, Sunday night I was checking through Craig's list one more time and just happened to find a 2001 Honda Odyssey for about the same price and the timing belt and water pump had been changed, brakes etc. So I emailed and said we wanted to see it Sunday night (the night before we were supposed to get the 1999). He contacted us and we went to go see it.......he was 15 min away (unlike the 1999 which was about an hour away) so we get there and we test drove it and he (the seller) invited us in his house and we felt okay because it was a better neighborhood! Wish I could afford his house LOL

Anyway, we made him an offer and he was a little hesitant but Jason told him we were going to have to put new tires on it and we can't afford much else because we are in seminary right now and then he (the seller) perked up! It turned out he is a 1987 graduate from the seminary we are in and he is a pastor of a spanish church around the corner from his house! After he learned we are Christians and we are in seminary he was quick and delighted to come down in the price for us!! It was a GOD thing!
Our rental car had to be turned in on the same Monday we bought the Van! God opened the door to the EXACT Van we were praying for! Amazing!

It's a 2001 Honda Odyssey with 126,000 miles (much lower than the 1999) key less entry, Everything is Power controlled......everything!!! He kept every bit of paper work he has ever had done to the Van and gave it to us and most of the things he has had done are transferable to us the new owners.