Will this week ever end?

I am beat. It's been a CRAZY week. First, I had to deal with a soon to be teenager who only gave me one hard day this week....so far. I am very proud of her though, after a day of strict discipline and being consistent with her she has been like a new child and I accredit some of this to Dr. leman in his book Have a New Kid by Friday. He is a father of 5 and his tools work. Some things we already knew and most we are so thankful for. If you have read his book you will understand what I am about to tell you, however, if you have not then just remember the title once I have shared this funny short story of Alyssa.

me: .....talking with Jason at the table about how well the tools in this book are working for us.

Alyssa: Walks in the kitchen..... Hey! I went to the book store and found a new book called Have a New Mother by Thanksgiving!

Me and Jason: DIE LAUGHING!!!

Okay, so on to my crazy day, week, and well, life!
So Monday or Tuesday I was washing clothes and suddenly there was water every where! We are talking the laundry unit and the kitchen! I don't have pix because, M slipped and had to help him back up, then I had to make my way to the washer with out falling myself to see what the problem was. The water hose had come out of it's hole so during the rince cycle while water is supposed to be traveling down the hole that is in between the hot water hose and the cold water hose it was instead standing up and shooting out water EVERY WHERE I tell you! I spent a good half hour mopping ect, while M is screaming his head off, and I had to work fast to save books and crayons from getting water damage that M had dumped all over the floor........shew. If you know me well, you know I couldn' just mop, I wanted to wipe down my base boards and the wall that had a little dust since I had to pull the washer and dryer out anyway.

Anyway, Yesterday went okay, Jason has applied for a new job but has to go through a few test first so we will see. I think we are both feeling a little stressed about our fiances and the fact that his current job isn't meeting our needs and it took it's toll on us today. It's been a very tiring day, and usually Jason and I never argue over anything, but we got a bit snippy with each other today and we never do that either. We never do this and we especially never do it in front of the children so when they heard us they looked at each other, shrubbed their shoulders and wasn't sure what to think or do the whole 5 min that it was. He went to financial aid today for some additional help so please pray for that. There are a few things we have applied for to improve our situation until he finds a better paying job. I know there are sacrifices to made when going to seminary, however, we have been here three years now, not that I am trying to complain because there are people who have been here longer or have traveled this road a lot longer. I think it's starting to wear on me a little. Someday it's gonna feel weird when he's not in school anymore but actually he will still be in school only this time he will be the professor and not the student, I probably shouldn't say that because he'll come home with a new degree he wants to earn ;p

I love that he loves learning, and he would stay in school taking classes the rest of his life if he could (his dream job), but right now I am at a point where I am ready to be done. I don't tell him this because I want to support him and he appreciates all the sacrifices and support I make and give him to help him accomplish what God has called us to do. I am just tired. I am also weepy because I am pregnant.....good excuse I guess. We have been making sacrifices since the day we married almost eight years ago. I am so tired of struggling every month for the last eight years and now having to worry if the electric is too high one month and if there will be an extra shift available to pick up so we can pay it. My dad was a blessing for M's b-day, bought M 2 packages of diapers, milk for him and us, plus juice for the kids for M's birthday. You would have thought it was my birthday though. LOL

I am praying for a better week next week and hoping some things are going to fall into place. my spirits are up, I am not worried because I know God is in control, he just won't let me help lol...... Y'all bear with me, I am not usually like this.........I kinda feel withdrawn at times or falling apart. While other times I feel "put together". I am hanging in there, and if you can't cry you laugh, Or do both at the same time ...it's just as good. I feel odd venting all of this, I am usually very private about these kind of issues or I share my thoughts with a close friend but it all came out and all at once. Honestly my mood today and right now, I am just here in a zone, staring at what I am writing and falling asleep actually so if I start to make no sense you know why ;p

Sorry it's so long, I feel better getting it off my chest....hope I didn't loose you.
Good Night.
xoxo <-- I am so loving lol


  1. Jennifer said...
    We all have days like this. We get snippy, nothing seems to go right, and no one seems to like us. I don't have a magic pill for you (not that you would take it if I did... you are much too practical for a magic pill, and besides you are pregnant and your doctor is too busy to let you know if it is okay).

    But I will pray for you. I can't imagine the stress you are under and I hope that you begin to see some relief soon.
    The Hall's said...
    I am right there with you. I was shaking my head yes at every word. Remember it is the trials that make us stronger if we turn to HIM. I need to take my own advice because I have been very down on life this week. Yesterday was better though so we'll see about today. LOVE YOU!
    queen of sheba said...
    Thank you for praying Jenn! And you know me well...I am too practical for a magic pill. Especially because feeling down usually starts with self pity.... my cure has always been turning to God, staying there would help too, but emotions come and go only God is never changing and I know the closer I grow to him I can't feel sorry for my circumstances. Unless there is a "real" medical problem, depression starts with self pity and one can't live in depression and have a solid Billy Graham type of walk with Christ because they don't coexists.

    Cameron you said it perfectly "down on life this week" and I am definitely turning to HIM! I got the "oh-woe-is-me" syndrome right now. It's hard on our own to look up when we are feeling down but there is no other name but the name of Jesus to bring us out of that "pit".

    I love you!!

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