The beginning of our trip! There was NOTHING for miles and miles! My kids did great and I only had one heart breaking moment when Michael was at the end of his wits once we reached Estes Park he was crying so hard his voice was vibrating and he had never cried like that before. I begged Jason to just pull over so I could soothe him because I was about to cry myself!! The tears were coming, my heart was aching and I could shed tears now just remembering what he sounded like! He was so tired! A 15 hour drive took 18 hours to get there. The ride home was much better for him and we stopped a lot more for him but it took us 24 hours to get back home.......not kidding! He was happy to have mommie sit next to him the whole way home!

Now, c'mon, you know you want one of these below lol and you all know how little hole-in-the-wall car dealerships look like? Well, we passed dealerships that didn't have any cars but TRACTORS.....I guess that's what they drive around in because there is nothings else for miles, not even a gas station! Nothing but Farm Land!
And maybe you would like one of these electric windmill farms lol
This picture of "Amber Waves Of Grain" didn't quite come out since I was in the back seat next to M with tinted windows ; we thought it was funny, especially when Amber finally got it lol

What? Ya want more? lol .....okay

This was a good sign we were getting closer!

It was really hard to take pix from the back seat!
I promise I have A LOT MORE TO COME!


  1. The Hall's said...
    Glad to see some pics! Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see more!
    JGWmom said...
    Gorgeous Pictures!!! I actually wouldn't mind one of those oil wells in my back yard right now, if I owned my back yard - (the way gas companies are profiting right now -LOL) I actually think your pic of the windmill farm is really cool, too! It's funny, those have really gotten alot of publicity lately with all that's going on in the way of gas prices and alternate energy sources, but I remember passing one of those on our trip to Colorado in the early 90's. I certainly thought it was "funny" looking back then! I'd never heard of such! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

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