We are back!

We got back Saturday and were so drained we spent the weekend resting and sleeping. I still have things to unpack etc.... but we had a very safe, fun and relaxing time! God is so good, we couldn't help but to worship Him while visiting his beautiful creation and thanking him for allowing us to share in his beauty! I did notice something sad while there.....so many people worship the creation instead of our creator.

Anyway, we took over 1000 pictures and no, I am not kidding! I have to sort, and finish sizing before I can share most of them with you. In the mean time please be patient with me, I am tired and I have a lot on my plate right now. Also, I wanna mention that Michael took 2 steps the day of our leaving for the trip and he took 3 steps all by himself again on Sunday. He also, broke his 2 top teeth in.....thank the Lord because he had not been feeling well.

He is also starting to sleep well through the night. I tried something different that I never did with the girls and mainly I had to get creative because Jason could not help with him like he did with Alyssa because of his schedule. He was only waking to nurse out of habit instead of hunger so I let him cry, and of course all babies do when you change a routine they aren't used to. What I chose to do was to lift him up without taking him out of his crib, then I kiss him tell him I love him and lay him back down. The first couple nights it took around 20 to 30 times doing it over and over again, he is a strong willed child! So the next night came and I did it again and it got much shorter to the point were we are at now which is I nurse him before bed at around 8pm then he wakes at 11pm for one last nursing and then nurses at 6am. It took a couple of nights to wean to the 6 oclock hour, I would go in while he would be standing in the crib crying, I would pick him up kiss him and lay him back down, he'd get up again, and I would lift him up again and kiss him and lay him down again until 4:30am arrived and I nursed him then the next night when it was 5am then the next night 5:30 am until now at 6am. While doing the kiss and lay down method (I just labeled myself lol) I didn't walk out of the room, I stayed until he laid down and no longer got up and then I left the room.

I am really proud of myself, it was very tiring but I knew my consistency would eventually pay off and it only too a few nights. kissing him and laying him down has worked beautifully, and I figured out a solution to my sleep deprivation! Yay me!


  1. The Hall's said...
    Glad you had a good trip! Love the picture at the top of the blog. Can't wait to see the rest.
    Jennifer said...
    I'm proud of you for not letting Michael cry-it-out. I know what you did could not be easy. We are going through our own similar struggle right now, trying to drop the night feedings.

    My main tool in that battle is to increase the day-time feedings. It has worked for the 1st half of the night but we still have problems come 3 am most night.

    BTW, this was my captcha - wmbjdjui - I got rid of mine a few weeks ago and haven't had any spam... maybe you could too?? Pretty please?
    queen of sheba said...
    okay, I think I fixed the verification code so now you all won't have to do it.

    Jennifer said...
    Yeah! No more captcha!
    queen of sheba said...
    JGWmom said...
    Your pics are beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest. I know the feeling of exhaustion and lots to do. We just got home yesterday. Glad you had such a wonderful and safe time. Also good to hear all about Michael. It is so amazing how much they change that first year! I am curious if he is eating solid food. It seemed like my boys only did one bottle feeding before bed after they started solid food. I always gave them something substantial like cereal that would fill them up better for their last feeding so they would stay full through the night. Just a thought. :)
    queen of sheba said...
    Hey Shannon!! Glad you all made it back safe and sound. To answer your question about Michael, yes, he has been on solid food for awhile now and the boy is picky! He actually only ate baby food a few times and then wanted our food so I started feeding him our meals. He also refuses to let us help him eat, he has to use a fork all by himself! He's very independent! He liked the raviolis I made last night and I usually give him crackers to help fill him up!! Doctor Knight said she should be able to go nine hours with out having to nurse after his last feeding. I am working on weaning him all together, he's likes the sippy cup but he loves drinking water out of a bottle and he loves capris!! He doesn't like formula yet and I can't seem to get my brest pump to work to mix my milk with formula to wean him.....oy!

    Hey Jen, you might not be so proud to know that he was still crying-it-out even though I was standing right there! Not kidding!!!! LOL The boy sounded like someone was murdering him and I was trying to shhh him so he wouldn't wake Jason. I thought for sure cops were gonna be at my door ... Jason would wake and ask me what I was doing to him LOL I said I am trying to get back to sleep. He gets upset very easily! From 0 to 100 in a snap. I don't react to it though..... I will not to encourage that kind of behavior.

    He is learning to comfort himself at night which is an important skill babies have to be taught because most don't do it on their own. In any case I am ready to be done nursing!

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