My chair broke :(

For sometime now we have been needing a new dining set. The one we bought 3 yrs ago when we moved here is was cheap to begin with but we thought it would be good enough to get us trough seminary........wrong! We have gotten along since Michael came along, we bought him a space saver high chair and we just love it! I wish they had these when my other two were babies, it really does create more space! The chairs have been slowly falling apart, I have to tighten the screws often or they get very rickety. Well, last night at dinner I was sitting in the worst chair and I shifted my self just a little and crashed through to the floor! It really hurt and I couldn't get up for a couple of min. Jason had just left on a call, and the the girls were scared at first, then they found humor because I couldn't seem to get up so I just stayed on the floor. It really hurt, after that I was in pain several areas and I need to see my Chiropractor. Jason cracked me a little and as much as he could but I can feel were I am out. I would not recognize my body being out of alignment if we had not been going to a Chiropractor or a few yrs now so I have gotten to know my body pretty well.

I wish I had pix to show because it was crazy, we had to throw the chair out, it was bent bad and the screws cam flinging out......luckily no one got hit with those! I just know our table is going to crash to the floor someday as well. It's used most of it's life as well. so now we are down one chair. We use the computer chair for the 5th chair we need since our computer is in the kitchen, but now it should be interesting how we are going to be able to have dinner at the table together ;)

So now I am thinking....what do I do? I am checking craigs list but the only money I truly have is vacation money and we have waited almost 8 yrs now to have our first family vacation. I talk to Jason about working more over time while it's available but the poor guy is tired. A week or two ago he worked 19 days straight so we can afford go on vacation. He needs this getaway more than all of us, he works so hard, in fact he hasn't stopped working hard since we moved her. Not many people could handle the load he has had to carry. Up until last semester he was working basically three jobs....teacher ( I helped him with grading and entering grades into the system so he would not feel so overwhelmed), full time student, and security. He is one of the hardest working men I know and never complains about it. He will make comments at times that he doesn't feel like going in to work because he's tired, but he does it anyway and I work hard to make sure his time at home with us is peaceful and relaxing. I know we'll get by one way or another, but it would be nice to not have one of the kids sitting on the floor lol.

Yall really should have seen that chair! I was in too much pain to take a picture .... :)


  1. Jennifer said...
    The Japanese and other asian cultures eat dinner on the floor. You could make it a cool homeschool type learning experience. Even get some chopsticks... plus, rice is cheap!

    Have you given more thought to selling on eBay again? Your store has been empty for so long. Your two girls are old enough to help you now. Besides, I need to figure out how to make some side money and you have to teach me the eBay way!
    queen of sheba said...
    lol....cute idea, one or twice might be fun, but we are more interested in continuing our American the table with chairs, hold hands as we pray and then eat and talk about our day.

    As for ebay, I never actually had an ebay store. I did pretty well the times I sold but ebay has changed a lot in the last year. When/if I do beging selling again, I am going to have to be even more careful with buyer than ever because if they get testy (and I have had to deal with unreasonable people)they can leave neg feedback, I have never had this happen yet but I believe one reason why is because I too could leave neg fb if it was absolutely necessary. Sellers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback to buyers even if they stiff you and don't pay. I never ship until I get paid but I still would not be able to leave neg feedback.

    A few small sellers who don't rake in much have either quit or are not doing so well. It's hard work and not very reliable income however at the right times you can make some gravy money. I made $200 or so last spring/summer.

    I think the new feedback system will hurt honest sellers but we will see. If you are somewhat new to ebay and have low feedback you need to be especially careful now if you are going to start selling! You can easily run into someone who didn't like what they bought and turn around and leave you unfair neg feedback.....if you receive too many negs in a certain amount of time ebay automatically ends your account with them.

    If I sell again, I will still have the same policy I held which is do not give fb until the buyer is satisfied and you will know that when you receive feedback.

    I will email you with tips and how I avoid neg feedback at all cost. If I post it here I would end up with a book ;p

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