Now this is much better than Hurricane Amber and Alyssa lol . I took the opportunity to show them how to pack better and more organized especially since the are so eager. It was a really good teaching moment. Last night we were testing out the rack Jason borrowed and hooked up to the back of the van to store some of the luggage. He came inside and while I was working on some laundry he said "Hey, you wanna get hitched again?" I turned around with a confused smile on my face and he was holding the "hitch" thingy in his hand LOL.......then later he was watching me pack/reorganize a couple of things and he said "Okay, you are not taking that Dan", then a couple seconds later he tried to take something else away and I said "No", and his response was "Oaky, Dan".........hmm LOL (Dan is Jason's father's name) I guess I am resembling his dad so I looked at Jason and said "Thanks! I take that as a compliment" and he laughed ;p

You all Really didn't think I was going to go camping and have no way of drinking coffee did you??! LOL I bought instant coffee! I even bought a little Tea Kettle to boil the water on the camp stove that we are borrowing!
Ah.....the tote of yummy goodness of food lol
Our supplies which we ended up taking out of the tote and putting in an old tent duffel bag since we bought a new tent.
This is better than what the living room was....that's for sure! The Red Baby carrier comes from our next door neighbor so we can go hiking when we get there! How sweet! I was looking for one but they are the Lord blessed us with borrowing one!
Now......See the RED COOLER to the Right?? Well.....I got a picture of Michael taking Movies out of the the movie case and putting them in the Red Cooler. He was helping us pack LOL the cooler was opened from when I put drinks in it......I can't upload the picture just yet because apparently my camera cord can be used in for ipods as well..........Jason STOLE my camera cord! I knew about it this morning once I saw it was gone, however, I looked EVERYWHERE yesterday for my camera cord in confusion because I knew for a fact I had put it in the camera bag. I was looking ALL DAY lol I asked the kids if they had seen it and they had no idea so finally I asked Jason once he woke from his nap if he had seen it and sure enough the boy took my cord ;p


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