Getting ready!


  1. Jennifer said...
    I am so happy that you have a chance to go on this vacation. I didn't see any chocolate for smores in those pictures though!

    Oh... I found a picture of Jason from high school... funny inscription on the back too. I'll have to type it out for your enjoyment next week when I am back to that album. Essentially, it proves he hasn't changed that much!
    queen of sheba said...
    Oh we definitely have the chocolate and everything we need for Smores!!!! I can hardly wait!!

    I have showed the kids pix of Jason from HS and they laugh and think dad is soooo old now LOL
    The Hall's said...
    Hope you have a great time!!! I bet it will be cooler! Be careful and have lots of fun (and take lots of pics!)

    I am not sure if Aaron got those chairs over to you or not. They have been really busy with inventory (in fact they worked last night and are working today). So, he has been a little pre-occupied but if not he will for sure get them over to you when y'all get back. I have not had a chance to even talk to him to ask!
    JGWmom said...
    Y'all have fun! I'm really proud for you, too! Get ready to see some beautiful country! The Rockies are truly majestic! (Of course you will have to see alot of flat, treeless Texas before you get there, but it is well worth it!) The temps will be well worth it, too! We are leaving Sunday eve. for Mobile, so we will be on the road, too! I can't wait to see your pics and hear all about your fun!

    Love ya,
    queen of sheba said...
    I will definitely take LOTS of pictures and yes, I can't wait for the COOLER weather!!

    Aaron hasn't brought the chairs by yet but I figured he's been busy. I'll let you know when are back next week ;)

    Ya'll have a safe drive to Mobile!! I still wanna go to the beach house! lol

    Love you gals!

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