We received a Blessing!

I was shocked yesterday and blessed! I got a knock at the door yesterday and when I opened it, Cameron's hubby and a mutual friend Greg was standing outside our door. I said "Hey!" and asked Greg how the baby is doing and then Aaron said "My wifes says you need a new table and chairs"........I about fell over with happiness because they brought us a table and chairs! They brought them in and Amber and I carried out the old stuff to the trash. Jason woke up from his nap and was so happy he called him mom right away to tell her the good news!

I made Hot Browns for dinner last night and we thanked God and for the blessing we had just received and to bless our friends who filled our need. We were like kids at Christmas sitting at dinner. We love our friends and are so blessed to have them in our lives. We thank God for you all!

Here are the pix.....please excuse the mess ;p


  1. The Hall's said...
    JGWmom said...
    I love the set! Looks great! God is so GOOD and has blessed you with good friends in Cameron and Aaron and family. I know we are blessed in our friendship with them and with y'all, too! :)

    Love and miss ya,
    queen of sheba said...
    Glad y'all like it!!
    I agree, God is GOOD! He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He has always provided for us and continues to provide especially through my closest friends!

    I am definitely blessed with our friends! I would not trade you guys for anything......well maybe a Island of the coast of.......JUST KIDDING! LOL

    Shannon, my son would not have clothes to wear if you had not passed down your boys clothes him! You have taken so much stress of me........God used you guys to bless us at Christmas when we had nothing and then with all the clothes you have given Michael. We just love all you guys so much!

    I need to bake y'all some of my homemade Italian bread!
    Jennifer said...
    That table rocks! And now, you can say your blogging has really paid off.
    queen of sheba said...
    LOL! I hadn't thought of it that way LOL!!

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