I can't believe it. My little boy is about to turn 5 months old on the 28th, and has out grown his stage 2 diapers. I will be taking him to the doctor soon for his check-up. Then I will know exactly what his weight is. I will guess for now by saying 16 pounds (keeping in mind he weighed 9 lbs at birth). He's just a big boy, but I am told that boys are bigger. Also, if you know Jason, and his brothers, there are no short men. We are talking the land of the Foot Ball playing giants here LOL.

Anyway..... A couple weeks ago I gave him some Gerber Rice cereal in the loose form mixed with my milk. I was going to wait until he was 6 months, but after talking to my doctor he said if he didn't seem satisfied, I could start him at 4 months. I had to do the exact same thing with Alyssa.

Well......he had cereal for a week or two. He loved it, and opened his mouth wide, eagerly awaited more, and grabbed the spoon to feed himself. Shortly after this, he completely lost interest. I would go to feed it to him, and he would just look at me, then turn his head, so I stopped giving it to him. He's been fine since. I guess he was just going through a growth spurt. Actually, I pretty sure of it, he was waking to nurse every 1 to 1 1/2 hours through the night. Now he is back to ever 2 to 3 hours. Alyssa was sleeping through the night at 4 months!

I can't wait until he's sleeping through the night! The days that are so tiring, long, and just plain exhausted sometimes, it makes you feel like all the hard work babies are will never end. Then, you look down at them, and their cute little faces, and see how fast they are growing, and suddenly you want them to stay like that forever. Everyone always asks themselves the question of "Where did the time go".

I think I know what happens. We are SOOO busy taking care of them, working, and doing daily tasks (life), that time just flies by. I imagine it would be slow if we took more time to stare at them, and watch them grow. But if you are like me, and have a house to manage, 4 extra people beside yourself to take care of then you know all too well what I am saying! You also know it's really hard to slow down.

I still don't know how I get everything done. Okay, sometimes not every thing gets completely done. Actually, I am having a hard time establishing new routines. Like....when to grocery shop, best day to do laundry, cleaning etc......all in between part time homeschooling! Plus I still need to fix the changing table, weed some things out & get my stuff pictured, and listed on eaby, reorganize the kids room! Yep, 3 kids in one room......yes, I need more room.....sigh.....I fear my list isn't going to end!

I had developed a really good routine in FL. This was the help of Jason's mom teaching me though! Monday's I did laundry, Tuesday's Bathrooms, W- dust, clean, etc., Th- grocery shop, Friday pick up the house. I can't have this same schedule here though. So, I don't know what to do! I sometimes get paralyzed with the details, and feel overwhelmed because I am a perfectionist. guess I just needed to get all that off my chest. lol

Anyway, here are some pix of Michael & his Bumbo. I found one at a children's resale shop for only $20, when I showed it to Jason he said "oh they stole my idea". However, he didn't want to buy it! I told him how much they cost at the full price. Well...a couple weeks went by, we were in Burlington, and Amber picked one up to show us. Jason sat Michael in it, and this time he "just had to get it". So, we ended up paying $39 instead of $20 ;p Maybe next time he will listen to me?


  1. Jennifer said...
    Size 3!!!??? Oh my, you do have a big boy. Charlotte can still fit in her size 1s at a little over 13 lbs. Your arms must get tired. :-)

    He looks adorable in his Bumbo. He and Charlotte have the same color. I also bought the plastic tray that goes over the Bumbo to use when she is ready to start eating. I figured it would be better when we travel instead of having a high chair here and at my parents.

    When I started reading about you giving him cereal at 4 months, I thought, oh, his growth spurt... that's why he is so hungry. I would love to be sleeping through the night myself... maybe some day.

    Have you heard of flylady.net? They can help you get routines and such down pat. I like the system and use a modified version of it myself.

    You're so funny... you should post more often (well, as time allows anywy).
    The Hall's said...
    queen of sheba said...
    Hey Jenn! Little Charlotte still fits a size 1....WOW! We said bye bye too that size when he was 2 maybe 3 months! I''m not overly thrilled either, the bigger the size, the less diapers you get in each package! But, I finally had to go to the next size....the sz 2 was leaving red rings around his legs & lower abdomen :(

    my arms DO get very tired, but it's my shoulders that bother me the most. Fortunately, I see a Chiropractor.

    Yep, he is a hungry boy! The nurses at the hospital, and both lactation consultants told me he would want to nurse often (more than usual) because of his size, and to let me nurse as much as he wants. When he was born they had me nurse him at certain hours so they could check his blood sugar levels because of his weight. He was the talk of the maternity ward! Everyone wondered "where I was hiding him". LOL ......Jason and I wondered the same thing, and he got STUCK on the way out! when he came out at 9 lbs! Then, a few things in my pregnancy started to make a lot of sense!

    I have heard of flylady, but I have never actually looked into it. Thanks! I am going to dig around & see what I can find!

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