Oh Dear!

Well.........there never seems to be a dull moment in the Spencer house!
First off, we are sick! It started with Michael, then came me, Amber, Jason, and finally Alyssa, but not so bad. Today I just sound sick, yesterday I sounded like a man lol.

I started laundry yesterday (Saturday), and have one load sitting in the dryer left to be folded plus the last load sitting in the washer waiting to go into the dryer! All together I had at least 10 loads? I think I lost count! The bigger your family the more laundry! Finally got my kitchen floor mopped, and almost every room in the house is perfect....almost.

Anyway, my day was filled with sitting at home writing Deb back and forth. No, I didn't go to church today, neither did the rest of us, no since in spreading it around. I am on the computer quite a few times but you should see me move! It's actually quite funny because I am up and down a lot! Between cleaning, kids, and emailing, reading, working on the computer etc..........It's like being A Pogo Stick! Hehehehe.........remember those?? lol

Well, later I decided I would list a couple of things on ebay.......not!
I set everything up and my little Alyssa wanted to be mommies helper, so I let her. SO, here comes the OH DREAR part!!! She took a picture and accidentally dropped my camera! She has taken many, many pix before this. Well.....now my camera flash is not working properly so now I am stuck! I bought my template subscription, updated my turbo lister, created an image link to my ebay page so people out there in blog land can go shopping, and I was ready to list tonight! Inventory is going nowhere! Hopefully Jason can fix it?? I have tried! And here I was ready to begin my little on the side business.

I'm telling you......never a dull moment! If you only knew more =p

Oh.......to top it off, Jenn tells me something is wrong with my blog page but I can't see it!!! OH MAN!


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