Dear friends,

I have a prayer request for a long time friend of mine who is more like a sister. Her name is Debbie. I met her in high school, this year will make 20 years we have been friends! Even her parents are mom and dad to me! Deb and I go way back, we have shared so many things together, and have been there for each other through the years. She flew to FL to be at my graduation, and She even flew to FL to be in my wedding when I married the love of my life! She and her hubby, Nick married 7 months after we did.

Right now she is going through a very hard time. She and her husband Nick found out they were pregnant with their first child a few months ago. Shortly after finding out their exciting news, she had a miscarriage. It hurt deeply, there was a great deal of sadness, and loss!

After following her doctors orders, and taking care of herself, they were ready to try again, so, a few weeks ago they found out they were pregnant again! We were all excited, but of course, she & hubby were on cloud nine! Well......Deb, and I email back & forth just about everyday. We talk about all kinds of stuff, and I enjoy sharing in her first trimester from feeling sick, to feeling tired, and those wonderful cravings. We encourage and lift each other up in everything.

I think about her everyday, and I pray for her all the time! I was asking my hubby today if we could plan to drive to IL, it's about a 15 hour drive from Fort Worth TX were we are. I want to visit them, and the baby due in July. If not, then I would try to fly up there alone, especially since I haven't seen her since 2003 0r 2004?.......anyway, as I was talking this over with my hubby, I sit down to check our email.......... well, I got a new email today from Debbie saying this:

"Well, I guess this one isn't going to stick after all. I started spotting yesterday, and when the doctor sent me for an ultrasound there was no heartbeat. I am going to the hospital this afternoon for a D&C, she thinks it will be too hard for me to pass everything naturally and I will risk hemorraging and ending up in emergency surgery anyway. And this way, they can do chromosome testing on the tissue to try and see what went wrong. Based on the size of the baby, they think the heart stopped beating sometime in the last week or two."

This is pretty much what happened the last time!

So, my dear friends, I am asking you all to PLEASE PRAY for Debbie & Nick! Add them to your prayer list at home, and at church......
Please pray that the doctors will find out what went wrong, and that God will bring comfort to their broken hearts! This is a very tough time for them right now with the loss of their second baby. I know some of you will pray, and some of you will be on your knees in prayer, so, I am coming to all my friends asking you to please pray for them while they mourn the loss of their 11 week old baby, and that in God's perfect timing they will be able to conceive another baby that will grow full term.

I look at my three children, and my heart breaks that much more for her!!! I can not imagine what it's like to loose a baby. I have not personally experienced a miscarriage before, but I am feeling the loss of my little nephew or niece! Deb and I were certain it was a boy. I am filled with tears!

So, in closing, I will love and appreciate all your prayers! I guarantee Deb, and Nick will appreciate your prayers even more!


  1. Jennifer said...
    Dear Father in Heaven,
    We know that you are in control of every situation. However, knowing that does not make the pain of losing a child any less. We lift Debbie and Nick up to your hands because in your hands is the only place they will find comfort and peace for the pain that they are in now and the journey that is before them. Please help them remember that they will meet these children again some day when they do make it to heaven's gates.
    Jennifer said...
    I also wanted to add that I am right there with you in that there is no way I can understand their pain. This blog post by theologian John Piper helps me be empathetic to their situation and I thought it might help you too.

    queen of sheba said...
    Thank you so much! I know Deb & Nick will feel loved, and supported!

    Also, thank you for the link! It was a beautiful read.

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