Da Da!!!

Okay, I have been working with Michael to say "ma ma". Well.....Jason has been working on him saying "Da Da"! I'm telling you it sounded like he has said ma ma a of couple times!

HOWEVER, Jason is getting ready for work right now and Michael just said Da Da as CLEAR AS A BRIGHT SUNNY DAY!!! Mouths opened wide everywhere, and Jason died laughing at me (he knew that he had won!) then turned to Michael and said "How can I resist not picking up now?!"

He was wanting to be picked up!

I can't believe it!!!!!!! It's NOT FAIR I tell ya!
Okay maybe it's fair since the other two said ma ma first!

I should be more impressed that he even said it period, only, the other two did this early as well.

Daddy is on cloud 9 & I'm shaking my head laughing lol!



  1. Jennifer said...
    Congrats! We have no teeth, haven't doubled body weight and no words other than "pfffttttt!" :-)

    By the way, if it wasn't for Google reader, I wouldn't have been able to read your post. There was no background on the words except the flower.
    queen of sheba said...
    Really! Odd.....my page looks normal on my computer. look at it again and let me know if it does not change!!

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