Adventures in Plumbing!

Well.....where do I even start with this one! LOL
Our kitchen faucet has started a leak a day or two ago so I knew I would be needing to call maintenance to come fix it. The leak is one of those dripping sounds that is not too bad, but enough to annoy if you don't get it fixed soon.

Well.....I get up this morning at 6am (before the hubby, and kiddos), go down stairs start coffee, and my breakfast. The leak has gone from a drip, drip, drip, to a light flowing stream. There is nothing that can be done about it this morning, gotta get everyone ready for Sunday school, and church. I thought we would call to put in the order to have it fixed for tomorrow.....hopefully.

So, we get home from church, it's sometime after 12ish, and it's still flowing obviously. I guess I thought it would fix it's self while we were gone......not really, but it was a nice thought.

It's the hot water side that is leaking. This was the same side we had to have fixed in the upstairs bathroom. So, while I am making the rice to complete our Sunday lunch which is "Pot Roast Sunday" every Sunday. It's the best thing to do on Sunday's (I think I will blog about it) Jason, my hubby, Mr. Fix it, began looking at it. Next thing I know I hear the sound of gushing water, it looked like it was gushing from a hydrant. Suddenly it was raining in the kitchen!

I laughed and ran for the..........can you guess? No, not towels, nope not even the phone to call maintenance, I ran for the Camera! This one was way too good to pass up! Everything was getting wet...except my meal, which was in the Crockpot.....shew!

Jason worked fast as he could to stop it but it was coming fast! Mean while I am laughing as hard as I can at my plumber boy LOL!!! He was able to stop it once he got "a hold" on things LOL.

I am proud, he not only stopped the water gushing mini hydrant explosion, but he FIXED the leak! No more drip, drip, drip! When he was done, he turned, looked at me, and gave a big smile drenched from head to toe.

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  1. Jennifer said...
    Good thing he got some brawn to go with that brain!
    I love that you went for your camera before anything else!

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