Back to work

Jason is back to work at the Seminary, and I start teaching Amber on Monday morning. I am excited to begin our own little curriculum for History, and Science. Monday morning we will start at 8 am. We will begin with Bible then we will move on to Typing, Spanish, History, and finish with Science.

This will allow me to get my feet wet to homeschool both girls next year. I am currently in the process of reorganizing, and getting ready to begin this semester. I plan to establish new routines with the girls, and this will be especially great to carry into the next school year. I am sure I will have to teak some of the routines etc for the next school year, but I am going to love not driving as much along with giving Michael an uninterrupted nap time was well! Poor little guy, he is at the mercy of my crazy schedule when school back in next week for Amber, and Alyssa. It seems like I live in the car sometimes.

I look forward to summer, and it's not even close yet ;p

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  1. Jennifer said...
    I like your new layout. How did you do it?

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