Pot Roast Sunday!

Sunday lunch/dinner is something I have always struggled with getting on the table! Everyone, especially Jason wants a hot meal after we come home from church. Well, I have tried everything.....or so I thought! Nothing ever seemed to work. Sometimes we ate out, and I would think...."If only we could afford this every Sunday." So, I believe it was when I was walking with a friend of mine that I finally realized that I could cook my Pot Roast over night in the crock pot.

I guess I used to think I would burn the house down in the middle of the night so I never did it. Well, I decided to try it, I even decided to try Lipton Soup Mix as appose to my usual seasonings, which are really good too! The biggest problem was affording the meat for this meal. Jason went shopping one night for me, and came back from Costco with a package of three Pork Sirloin Tip Roasts. They vary in weight, and since it is such a good deal I recently bought a package of three for $11.36.....not bad at all!

So, at night I fill my crock pot with water, the seasoning, potatoes, and a few carrots, oh....and the Roast of course. I let it cook on slow over night until we come home from church when I then turn it to warm where I let it sit the rest of the day. When night comes there is enough for a light meal. In theory, I could put it all together when I get up in the morning. However, I have tried this, and I would either forget or get so busy getting me, and the kids ready I don't have time. Plus, you know when you have children, church starts the night before with picking out what everyone is going to where in the morning followed by laying it out. Then when morning comes we are not searching for things and staring at the closet with the deer & head lights look ;p

It works out perfectly! And the best part is I don't have to come home and cook! It's yummy, tender, juicy, and filling! Our once a week gourmet meal! Well, now I'm off to prepare tomorrow's Pot Roast!

Ya'll come back now......ya hear =)


  1. Jennifer said...
    Yummy!b Glad you figured that out. I think I have a roast somewhere in my freezer!
    Mary said...
    Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading your post about Sunday dinner. I remember, when my children were little, how difficult it could be to get them ready, get me ready, and get dinner ready on Sundays. My crock pot came to the rescue on many occasions. I, too, worried about the house burning down. But I've been using my crock pot AND I've left my oven to cook for thirty years of Sundays and never once had a problem. Anyway, I'm very glad you enjoyed your meal together has a family on the Lord's day!
    queen of sheba said...
    Hi Mary!
    WOW! This brings a smile to my face!!
    Thanks so much for your comment! I have to make this short my son is has no interest right now in what I am doing LOL =)
    Mary said...
    Hello Proverbs Mom! Thank you for commenting on my "English" blog. One way of deciding whether one should use "me" or "I" is by removing all the other nouns or pronouns from the sentence. If "me" (or "I") can stand alone, your sentence is correct! I think your blog is very beautiful. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself!

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