A prayer request

I have a prayer request. After 19 months of my mother not wanting to talk to me I have finally written her a letter, or I should say 8 different letters so it will not be over whelming to read and not too much with each letter being 3-5 pages long. I have spent days and hours writing to her in hopes that something positive will turn out. I have taken great care with what I have written. I ask for prayer because I am not sure what her response will be. Also, she hates to read......not kidding, she hates to read and doesn't write anyone.....ever. I am praying that God will give her thirsty eyes for what I have to say and a softened heart to be receptive. In each letter I asked her to read what I wrote more than once. The reason I asked her to do this is because she never reads anything so her reading skills are not too good and I am concerned that she will miss understand everything I have written and I have this terrible insecurity she will throw them in the trash ( I've seen her do it with her sisters). If she writes me back It will be a wonderful sign that she wants to make things right with me and the beginning of a real change.......that is.....depending on what she writes. I am not asking for anyone to understand what I am going through especially because most of my friends have a positive healthy relationship with their mom that I would give anything to have with mine, but I would be so greatful if everyone would pray for me when you have your quite time with God. Nothing is too hard for God and I am taking a big step of faith in hopes that she will want to hear from me. When I talked to my brother I asked him to tell her I was sending a letter, when I asked him if she wants to hear from me he changed the subject :( I left it there because I didn't want to press the issue. So please pray for me she should have receive them by today. I Also sent pix of the kids and told her about Michael with pix as well.


  1. Jennifer said...
    Oh, we will be praying for your mom. I know it is a big step to send those letters. Remember, the word of the Lord will not return void.

    Bruce sent a letter to his grandmother less than a week before she died, explaining his new faith to her and calling her to repentance. We know she got it but we will never know how she responded to it. Well, not until eternity.
    queen of sheba said...
    Very true about God.
    My grandmother stop talking to me because of my mother. She died almost a year ago but went to her grave having never talked to me again.

    I tried calling but she told me to never call again and hung up. It hurt but I the only I can do is be responsible to how I react to it and make sure old family patterns are broken starting with me.

    I hope Bruce's grandmother gave her life to Christ in the end!

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