Late Easter Pix

These pix are really late! These are Easter morning pix. I only got a couple taken with my borrowed camera because it was cold outside and the girls ran away from me LOL I didn't get to take any of Michael, Jason or all of us together :(


  1. Jennifer said...
    I LOVE that first picture... and oh my, how long the girl's hair has gotten.

    I read about Michael pulling up too. Last night, 2 times when I went to Charlotte in her crib(out of oh, maybe 4!), she was sitting up. And daycare finally started putting her in the play pens because the cribs won't hold her anymore.

    It is so much fun to see Michael and Charlotte grow up together on our blogs, since it can't happen in real life.
    queen of sheba said...
    I know! I would LOVE to watch them interact and play together!

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