He's on the move

For the past few weeks Mr. Michael has been doing his army crawl. Rather than getting to the point of actually crawling he has gotten faster at the army crawl. It's really funny!

Today as we are going through our normal morning clean up after breakfast, I had put Michael in the pack-n-play in the kitchen. It fits great in front of the window. I am going about my business while Amber is working on Math when she asks me why I put Michael in the pack-n-play Standing Up. With a confused puzzled look on my face I said "What?".......I look over and that little boy pulled himself up by placing his hands on the mesh walls to eventually standing while holding the the top rail. He decided to talk to us for awhile while he chewed on it lol He has been trying it for awhile but I thought it was going to be awhile before that would actually happen. Now we have got to lower his mattress in the crib. I really wish I had a camera! :(

He is so smart! When he turned 7 months old and I would lay him down in the crib he would move to the side of the crib where I walk out the door and he pull the bumper down to watch me leave! He would do the same thing waiting for some one to come back. He is so alert. He will move doors out of his way to find something and now he crawls over to the window and moves the curtain to the side to try and look out the living room window! He's only turning 8 months! I am impressed because Amber and Alyssa never did that! The window is quite long and sits low to the floor so he will be able to see out if he gets on his knees. I wonder if he is going to walk early? Amber walked on her 1 st yr birthday and Alyssa would not walk until she was 14 months! I practiced everyday with her and never carried her around unless I had to and the child just would not walk......she got heavy man! I think Michael is going to take off sooner rather than later, he does not like to sit still very long. I could make the argument "That's a boy" but then what excuse would I be able to use with Amber when she was little and even now she doesn't like to sit still.........lol

I think I got my work cut out for me this time though lol

His two bottom little teeth are coming in really good now! He loves Mum Mum crackers, carrots and sweet potatoes! He finally ate some cereal with bananas this morning mixed with a little powder formula. He would only eat it before with my breast milk, but I can't seem to pump on demand ;p

I want to mention something before I keep forgetting. we went over to Rebekah's house a week or so ago, she made Alyssa a late birthday cake (OH MY WORD....IT WAS SOOO GOOD!) and while we are there I was holding Azi and Jason was holding Michael. Well....I am talking and reminding them of when we would go walking etc... and Michael offered his pacifier to Azi! It was soooo cute! It would have been yuk if Azi had been old enough to take it though LOL

Children are such a blessing from the Lord! Each one is so different. They make me smile everyday.


  1. The Hall's said...
    Yes they are all so different. Millie is everywhere and into everything! She almost let go while standing yesterday but you could tell she got scared. She wants to be everywhere we are and so she gets there! Lizzie was so not interested. She was on her own time for sure. She was 14 months before she walked too. Elleigh on the other hand walked at 8 months. I don't think Millie will be long. She will walk down the couch holding on. She looks so little to be doing that.
    queen of sheba said...
    Oooh it won't be long now! She will be on the run. She sounds like she will walk early. I am interested to watch what Michael will do.

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