Pondering Thoughts Part 2

The more I give thoughts about homeschooling full time, I realize that, as parents we only have one chance in this life at our children's education (in every area of life), and how a solid foundation will determine their success along with a positive attitude, but more importantly a personal relationship with God.

The more I hash through my thoughts in writing this, I realize I need to improve my "Suzie homemaker" skills. I can remember the kind of wife and mother my mother was, so what will my children remember of me? What will they walk away with when they leave "the nest"? Will I have taught them every thing God has commanded? Will I have set an example worthy of the "Proverbs" wife?

Being a stay-at-home mom is so much more than I have ever realized. This is my call, my ministry, and when the job is done........the right way, it's a lot of hard work! Much harder than I ever realized. Since moving to TX from FL to attend seminary, my perspective has changed in this area. I take my responsibility a lot more serious than I have ever before. I wonder if I was just "playing house" before.

I treasure my time having worked at the seminary. It was the HARDEST year of my life! To be away from my children for HOURS, and only being able to spend 2-3 hours each evening with them, if even that. The weekends were not much better because we had laundry, grocery shopping, and church to attend. This left very little time for me to be who I really am.....wife, mom, and homemaker. I NEVER felt content even though I learned a lot, and gained precious friend ships that I would never trade anything for.

But.......My heart and thoughts were always at home: playing with my children, cleaning , cooking, and there was ALWAYS this subtle knock at the door to my heart yearning to be where God was calling me. He was calling me to be home--calling me to be a better wife, mother, and homemaker than I ever was before. So through a lot of prayer, God opened the door/doors or me to come home. I have never seen my children happier, and Jason more relieved about my returning home full time. I would not be were I am right now if we had not follow God's calling on our life to come out here.

In closing, and through juggling my thoughts through out this blog........ I have a lot of hard work ahead of me if I plan to make a "real" difference in my home.


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