Pondering Thoughts Part 1

We had so much work to do yesterday for home work. I found myself feeling stressed a few times. I really like Amber's school but sometimes the work load is a bit much, but mostly on Wednesdays. She has 2 History test today, an English quiz, plus she had to do an at-home opened book Science quiz. I wish it would have been assigned to study on Friday last week through Monday. This would have given more time to study instead of cramming everything in on Wed along with all her other home work that is due today.

We worked for hours. Jason stayed home with her last night while I went to church with Alyssa and Michael because the work HAD to be done. I felt bad for her.....she loves LIT (Leaders in Training) at our church. She was upset.... but we had no other choice. If we had waited till we got home she would have gotten to bed too late, and we can't have that! Children who do not get to bed at a decent hour aren't worth much at school the next day. They are tired and cranky........I could never do that to her teacher or myself!

So I am praying and giving real serious thought to homeschooling full time next year. I am willing to be disciplined, create routines, plan, etc........and even expand my own knowledge in order to give our children a better education. The cost is actually significantly cheaper to teach the SAME courses at home than sending her to CLPS.

I have already spoken with the hubby about giving me the right resources to expand my knowledge in order to do this. He is also willing to teach me in areas he feels I need improvement before I undertake such a task where I have always felt teaching is not my gift. I will have some History and Math to learn this summer through him.

The more I think about teaching not being my gift, I realize that God gave us these beautiful children, and we actually teach them through example, love, discipline, responsibilities, and the list goes on............

I teach them everyday with out realizing it (how could I not realize that?). From the kids helping to cook, clean, do laundry and other chores, we are teaching them. I am teaching/leading by example how to run a home. Wow, what a huge responsibility I have, to lead by example to teach our daughters how to manage, and run a house with creating a safe, peaceful, God centered environment, and my being a submissive loving wife. Also, according to Deuteronomy we are commanded to teach our children.


  1. Jennifer said...
    Don't worry about trying to be 'smarter' than your kids, you are - no doubt! Just stay a couple of steps ahead of them and know its okay to admit that you don't know something. If she sees you having to look something up that is a good opportunity for you to model how to approach learning!
    The Hall's said...
    Well written-both posts. I completely understand all the thoughts you are pondering! Knowing what to do and trying to get is right is so hard and like we have talked only gets harder. It all boils down to we have to give it ALL to God and let Him guide us and that sounds easy but it is so hard.
    queen of sheba said...
    yeah, I'm not worried about being smarter, however, my real concern is not being prepared properly to teach.

    Amber knows there are things I don't know and I have had to research or ask daddy when he gets home. She has made a few snide remarks when this happened, and was punished.

    For example she said one day in a sarcastic tone "I can't believe you know what this is".......I handed her a piece of humble pie and when daddy got home, well........we all know Jason!

    He refreshed her mind about the Ten commandments and handed her a piece of "honoring your mother: pie.

    Her new nick name is Amberteen.

    Jason has made it clear to me from his 5 plus yrs teaching middle schoolers (this is what Amber will be next yr she turns 12 in may), if you exhibit a lack of knowledge, these little teens will have less respect or you as a teacher. He said the key is knowing before they do. He told me you don't want to be constantly telling them "I don't know".

    So he feels very strongly about catching me up! You should see the pile of books he has for me to start reading! OH DEAR!

    Anyway, I'm off to grade papers!

    Keep praying for us =)
    queen of sheba said...

    Thanks chicka! I definitely agree! Give it ALL to God!

    I love James 1:5-6 says about wisdom!

    Well.........I have a MOUNTAIN of papers to grade or Jason! ;p

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