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Well.......I decided to play with my page. I am not completely satisfied but it's good for now I suppose. I made the header myself, I took the picture and then got to playing. It's definitely therapeutic for me and it's stress relieving.

I always face being indecisive though, and the perfectionist in me says "it's not good enough" so I keep redoing it over and over till there is nothing left to do with it but to start over from scratch. And the hours go buy fast, before I know it I loose track of time. But a girl has got to have sometime.....right? hehe

I most likely will not keep this for long anyway. It's kinda like buying handbags for me.............need I explain more? LOL

Well........I am tired and not feeing well. It feels like a cold but I think it's my allergies. We rinsed the car down today, I noticed how many cars including ours is covered in pollen. It's not as visible on our car though because our car is in the Gold family so it shows up on darker cars. I went to get the "Equate" brand of Advil Cold & Sinus today and got carded!

On a different note:
I am really excited about my date with my hubby tomorrow. We are going to the gun range and he's gonna teach me how to shoot. I can't wait! I love the way the Sig feels so I can't wait to feel how it shoots ;p

Well...........I am off to relax.................achoo!

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  1. Jennifer said...
    I like your redesign, but the green is a little hard to read. I can't wait to hear about your date... Bruce and I used to do that!

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