Adventures on Turkey day

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day. Our was quite funny. It all started with the turkey! We took the turkey out of the freezer on Tuesday, put it in the fridge to thaw, and when we took it out to begin the fixins for was still FROZEN lol! Now what will we do?? the wheels begin to turn........the turkey is too big for the sink it won't sit under water. So I felt the....."you know if you're a red-neck if you have to soak you're over-sized frozen turkey in the bath tub Thanksgiving morning to thaw" coming on LOL

Jason finally got her thawed and fixed her right up. Sounds kinda scary when I give it a gender hu? least I didn't name her, right? LOL
She took a while to cook, but wasn't as temperamental as we thought she'd be. We completed the end end of her life at the table, beautifully golden, and decorated with with the ymmies. It's okay, she never saw it coming.

Other than the turkey episode we had a wonderful day! I could not have asked for a better birthday, and Thanksgiving day. I was thankful for all my family and friends..........of course I am thankful for family & friends everyday LOL The last time my birthday fell on Thanksgiving, I was 10 yrs old. On top of that I did NOT over eat! Everyone else I was the only one not in pain hehehehe

Ah.......Good Times! ;p


  1. The Hall's said...
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and B-day. I did not realize it was your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Funny turkey story-for future reference it takes several days to thaw a turkey in the fridge! HA!

    Jennifer said...
    Happy belated birthday! I too didn't know you had that coming. So, how old are you now? Are you 30 yet???

    Sorry I haven't been around lately... busy week last week! Oh, and when did you change the picture in your page header???
    queen of sheba said...
    Hey Jen--
    Am I 30 yet? LOL I am 33! LOL Yikes!

    I think I made the header the day before Thanksgiving......

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