My Feet

Will my feet stop growing?
I can't remember if my feet grew when I was prego with Amber, however, they did grow when I was prego with Alyssa. I went from a size 7 to a 7 1/2......not too bad. feet grew again while I was pregnant with Michael. In July I had to go buy a size 8 shoe. This was to be expected since my feet grew while I was pregnant with Alyssa so I assumed they would again.

Here is the WEIRD part! After giving birth to Michael, I started walking my two miles every morning again around 3 or 4 weeks after giving birth. Well, I told Rebekah (my girlfriend) that my feet were hurting ( this was in September) and I probably needed to cut my toe nails. So I cut my toe nails and this did not help! Turns out my feet were STILL GROWING, and I had to go get new shoes yet again.

The new shoes I have now are a size 8.5 and my feet are starting to hurt, again......this time I am having pain throughout my feet period. My toes are hurting once again, so I asked Jason to feel where my toes are in my shoes. He said "They are right at the end", he sat down, looked at me, and said "Stop growing." So tomorrow I want to get my feet measured at Payless or somewhere. We will see if I am growing in to a size 9, but what happens if I have more children? Will I be BIG FOOT?? Yikes!


  1. Jennifer said...
    My feet got bigger after I started running last year. It is a by product of getting in shape. Think of it as a trophy for a job well done!
    queen of sheba said...
    LOL ;p

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