Now here is a concept

Note my sarcasm lol....since we live in a house now I forget we have a garage. In my defense it's been yrs since I have lived in a house with a garage! This one is small and we have some things in it (all of it's not ours). I don't think my van would fit except for the entrance which is good so if it rains I can pull in and we can get out and into the house without getting wet. Jason usually leaves the truck parked on the street so he can get in and just leave to be at work.

WELL, he told me yesterday that he had "thought" of putting the truck in the garage the night before (the ice storm), and I just looked at him speechless! Then I said "I think the truck would fit, but there is stuff in the way". He said yeah, I thought about moving a couple of things but I don't know why I didn't. SO, I went out there last night moved "a couple of things and pulled the truck into the garage! Do you all know what that would have save us yesterday morning! What we went through in the cold to melt the truck......MEN LOL

So, I heard on the news that they expect a refreeze over night. Well, this morning my van is covered again, and he took it for a drive last night to go to the chiropractor so it was thawed out....I guess he needed professional services after I cracked him. The doc said his neck was out but that was due to boxing....not from me heehee

I had one small scare when I went out to the truck to pull it into the garage yesterday I forgot about the slippery ice, I walked on a patch and almost fell, my heart skipped a beat and do I worry about me or the baby? no, I worried that Jason was going to kill me because just that morning while helping him with the truck he kept getting on me where to walk and not walk and to be careful to not fall.....I started feeling like a two year old even though he had the best of intentions.

So, here are my before and after pictures...from not being in the garage to being int he garage. AND I would like to point out how much faster his departure went this morning!

Before! Now keep in mind this picture is after a lot of work to get the ice off!

I would say I did purrdy good!

A dry truck!

Garage door to the front door.

View to the garage door from my front door.

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  1. JGWmom said... crack me up! You did do "purdy good!" I like your front porch and doors! I want to see pics of the whole house outside and inside! :)

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