A Cold Wintery Icy Day!

Good ole TX! Everything is frozen over this morning. They said on the news that this ice storm was the worst on in 6 years. It's currently 29 degrees with a wind chill of 23 degreese. I helped Jason thaw out the truck this morning, the doors were frozen solid and was hard to open....he had to be at the academy at 9am this morning in stead of 6am for safety. I for one appreciated that! He called me once he got there, I was worried because the roads are so bad. I waited on pins-n-needles till he called me once he got there, he told me the roads were nerve racking and he only slid twice. Scary. Pray he makes it home safe and sound.

From my door on the front porch.

]Just zooming in...

Out back
Chickened out and went back inside....it was toooo cold!

Notice Jason does not have a goatee any more! btw..HEET works but it takes tooo many cans which is why it was on clearance at wally world. We bought one can and then resorted to using Cold water to finish off the windows so he could leave.
Opened my garage door for this one!

Well, I am off to mop and get somethings done!

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  1. Jennifer said...
    Brrrr.... we had one morning that cold last week. I had to let the car thaw out before I could put Charlotte in it because of course, we had to be somewhere at 8 am that day! Fortunately, there was no ice on the road though. It will be different tomorrow though.

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