Reaching out

Well...Michael discovered sometime last week that he has feet. Now he is reaching out for things. Poor little guy can't quite get what he wants because coordination isn't there yet; however, my coffee was his main interest this morning.

I don't mind sharing coffee... but not if I am going to wear it, LOL. Of course I wouldn't give him any. He is such a delight. I love my little man, and it has begun......he pulls my hair, which I am used to, plus anything else within arms reach. Amber, on the other hand, has a cow, and it goes a little something like this.....

Amber: Ouch! Mom, he's pulling my hair!

Me: Yeah, they do that.........

Amber: well, come get him

Me: You know he does this......figure it out.

Amber: Laughing.....uh, that was hard (you know she likes it & the attention)

Me: Uh huh....

Well.....I am off to work on my other postings that I will soon share. I usually have grammatical errors when I write so I wait for Jason to scan it for me unless he doesn't have time ;) Hopefully I will get them posted soon.


  1. The Hall's said...
    Sounds so familiar!
    Jennifer said...
    Yes, it does sound strangely familiar. It is fun to have so many blogging friends with babies about the same age. I read one or two other blogs of women who have babies about 4 months old as well.

    Where do we find the time???

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