Okay, here is my story about staying overnight in Hamilton, TX.

We followed Shannon's hubby, Richard, to the place where we were spending the night. In the middle of nowhere, and it was perfect! I would love to live out in the country like that. The best part was no train, unlike where we live presently.

So here we were following Richard, and as we were driving, I pointed out a light to Jason far away out in the woods, and said "Wow, that house is way out there." He said "Yeah, I see that." As we continued to drive the light seemed to be getting closer, closer, and closer until I realized we were pulling right up to the house we were staying at lol. Here are a couple of pictures I took. Thankfully, Amber took some pictures too because I kept forgetting.

In TX these are called "holding tanks".
Where I come from, they are called Ponds lol.
Do you see the cowboy hats there? Jason put one on, and said he's gonna start wearing one lol. Okay so now for my story.

After Richard got us inside the house he was telling us a story about when it rained once, and the owner of this house could not drive out because the creek bed filled with water so they were stuck until the water dried up. Jason and I thought "wow".

Okay, so we all get to bed, and we are sleeping well. As I am sleeping, I was awakened by this weird noise that sounded like rain, only I was not sure. So sometime in the middle of the night Amber comes in our room to wake me up because she too thinks it's raining. At this point I decide to get out of bed to check, I walked over to the doors in the hallway to look outside thinking I would see the rain....yeah right.....it's too dark, but I knew it was rain. And Sure enough it was not just raining, it was pouring! A least I knew what the noise was. It didn't really sound like rain until I opened the door. After this I walk to the bedroom, it hits me remembering what Richard said about the creek bed filling with water so I thought "Oh no!", and so I try to wake Jason.....like this.

Me: Jason, wake up, it's raining

Jason: Okay, go back to sleep

Me: No, you don't understand. IT'S RAINING, and the Creek Bed is going to fill up! We won't be able to get out.

Jason: Go back to bed, we are not packing up the van at 4 in the morning to drive nowhere. Go back to sleep.

Me: oooookay.......

So I got back in bed, but could not go to sleep right away. I was too busy thinking how we were going to survive. I finally fell asleep, got up at 6am, and went out to make coffee etc......it was nice. It was still dark out too. Jason finally got up, and I told him my little survival strategy ....mean while he is smiling, and chuckling at me. It went like this....

Me: I couldn't sleep last night trying to figure out how we would survive if we can't drive out because the creek bed if filled with water.

Jason: (while he is laughing at me) Okay.......

Me: So I began thinking, and calculating how long we could live on the loaf of bread, 8 eggs, and grits Shannon gave us until help would come for us since there is no other food. Then I began to think if worse came to worse, I could send you out the old fashioned way to hunt a deer, and bring it back to the house since I remembered Richard saying he had seen a deer before when they stayed out there, and then we could put movies on for the kids while we cut the deer up to cook. This way they won't be traumatized. Then we could freeze the remaining meat, and spread it out as long as we can.

Jason: (Laughing) or we could walk to their relatives' house (ten feet away), and ask for help.

Me: oh, yeah.......that would work too (laughing)

It was truly comical! Yep.....good times in Hamilton! ;p
And, no, the Creek Bed was not filled with water. ;0

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  1. Jennifer said...
    That is hilarious!
    We hope you had a very merry Christ-mas and a happy new year!


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