More than one Rebecca

We spent last weekend with my dear friend of mine Shannon and her husband, Richard. I am so excited for them. They live in Hamilton, TX where Richard is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. They have 3 wonderful boys 15, 4, and 2. They have a very loving church family where every one makes you feel right at home like they have known you their whole lives from the moment they meet you! I miss our friends living in Fort Worth but I am so happy they are only a two hour drive away, serving God.

We had a blast! I had a lot of fun talking with Graham who is 4 yrs old. He was too cute, he kept referring to Amer and Alyssa as my sisters. Oh....and little Wesley reminds me of Tiger jumping up and down all the time. I can't remember all my conversations with Graham but here is a really cute one we had while I was watching him play with Alyssa in his bedroom.

Graham: Hey ya know what...there are two Rebecca's.

Me: Yep

Graham: Why are there two Rebecca's? (with a puzzled look)

Me: Because God wanted two Rebecca's.... actually there are three Rebecca's (he doesn't know Rebekah Moore).
Graham: There are three Rebecca's? (eyes get big with a puzzled look)

Me: There sure are

Graham: (with a puzzled look on his face) What's her name?

I laughed sooooo hard! If only you could have heard him.
Her boys are so special to me =)
Well.....I have another funny story but I will post it later.

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  1. JGWmom said...
    We had soooo much fun with y'all as well! Your story of Graham and the Rebecca's will definitely be going in his baby book! Love ya!

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