Adventures of A Coffee Addict

If there’s a will, there’s a way, or should I say….if there’s a Rebecca there’s a….. well, enough said ROFL! Jason and I were talking in the kitchen after we put our lights on the tree and kids were in bed he cleaned up the rest of the kitchen for Amber (this is her chore every evening). So I am in the living room and here this loud crash! I knew it was big…it sounded big!

After hearing him react, and then it got really quiet, I knew it was something of mine! So I said “Everything okay in there? What broke?” He said “The coffee pot.” I said “THE WHAT?” What will I do in the morning???? My life flashed before my eyes! He said…”I will buy you a coffe at Quick Trip in the morning if we get moving fast enough.” I had EVERYBODY out the door lightning Fast this morning! LOL….

Got my coffee came home and told Deb ( my long time- known her 20 yrs- friend in Chicago) what happened. She replied with “What on earth are you going to do with out a coffee pot?????????????”….. I was so glad she asked lol!

Here is what I did……..After I told her I accused Jason this morning of this being his way of controlling my coffee consumption LOL ……I tried to use my pampared chef mixing bowl, the small one, to catch the coffee. Well it didn’t quite fit so I then tried to use my coffee cup from Quick Trip to do it, mean while Amber is video tapping me LOL! Nothing was coming out! Well, I finally remembered that it was the pause drip so I got a little knife to hold it so the coffee would come out and… YAY…….I had my coffee anyway!!

I was ROFL………but not while I was drinking. LOL……….Anyway, Amber said I better drink all of it………I asked her if she remembers a time when I have not? She laughed so hard! I still need a coffee pot………..Must-Have-Coffee-Now……lol =)

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