Y'all know you wanted to see my bath room organizer thingy lol I finally get to use it! It didn't fit in town house.
So here we have the Boon Frog which we love! We followed directions (imagine that) and it's staying on the wall so far just using the suction cups. Many reviews complained the frog fell off etc...well our froggy has not jumped of the wall quite yet ;p
He loves bath time! And might kill me for this picture someday lol

Okay--Diaper rash ointment is NOT lotion and it is toxic if swallowed which he did put some in his mouth!

I figured out that he was copying me when I put "real" lotion on my face after washing my face lol

Okay--this is a great product! 4moms clean water baby bath tub. I bought this with gift money from babies-r-us. I bought it based on a review from a mom who had a c-section. It's been very useful and helpful to me with having had an unexpected c-section. And the little Bath Luve Frog is great! It keeps her warm and she loves the bath too, she only cries when I take her out.

The pix are, well, crooked....oh well....but he got hungry an took matters into his own hands lol

Sweet sweet moments!

Amber spiked his hair and said "Now he looks like uncle John!"
Thanks Cameron!! The swing is so nice!

Michael trying to pull her out


  1. JGWmom said...
    I LOVE all your cute stuff...ALMOST makes me want another one! hee hee! The little shirt that Michael is wearing when he got into the diaper creme was one of my all-time favorites of the boys...I really liked the red with light blues and the sailboat theme...SO cute!
    Love Ya!
    The Hall's said...
    Madison is getting so big! I need to come see her! I think she looks a lot like Michael. Love the bouncy seat.
    stoneface said...
    Thanks y'all. Yes, Cameron you need to come see her :)
    Jennifer said...
    Your family is growing up so much, even Madison!!! And I agree, she seems to look a lot like Michael did when he was that little.

    How are you doing? Haven't heard much lately.

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