Because she's my mother

My mother came for a week long visit and we had a good time. She was such a big help between the babies and cleaning she really gave me a nice start to keeping up with things. She is a cleaning machine.

I am left with the little memories now that she has returned home. I think about how she would talk about my dad and talk about her husband and talk about her family and she even apologized and told me she feels responsible for her family not talking to me and I could see a different appreciation in her for our relationship which I think has come from her mother passing away two years ago. I listened to everything she had to say and I was sympathetic and forgiving and why?.....because she's my mother.

She helped so much around the house and with the children. It was funny to find every thing put away in a different place than it's usual so at times I would smile while feeling lost in my kitchen. She helped with laundry too and washed whites with dark's because she was certain this load would be okay being washed together.....I just looked at her with a puzzled times she did some random things that made us laugh and no matter what I appreciated her help.....because she is my mother.

A sweet moment came the first night she was here. She gave me and Amber a pair of gold ear rings each that my grandmother wanted her grand daughters to have. Amber is the oldest of the great grand children so she is the only one out of the great grand children who received a pair. My grandmother didn't have many ear rings to pass around. She will be giving Alyssa a pair as well but didn't have a pair to give because she didn't know Alyssa had her ears pierced. This to me was a priceless moment because she is my mother :)

This is her fist day with us.....

Watching Madison sleep

Our family picture she took for us on Father's day

This is a happy grandma

Overall it was a very pleasant visit and I am grateful for her help and the time we had together.


  1. Jennifer said...
    Wow! I am so happy to hear your visit went so well. I am not sure I could handle my mom living with us for two weeks. Well, actually, she did after Charlotte was born. But it had rough patches.
    JGWmom said...
    I am SO HAPPY for you and your mom, Rebecca!!! I KNOW this meant SO MUCH to you!!! The pics are beautiful...and the post made me cry...SO AWESOME!!!

    Love Ya, Girl!
    The Hall's said...
    Sweet post! I am so glad this finally happened!!! Like I have told you a million times, better to do all you can now than to regret what you didn't do when she is not here. You like a lot like your mom. I thought you looked more like your dad but now I am not sure.
    Rebecca said...
    Thanks girls! I love you guys.

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