I am feeling down, cranky, and things that don't usually bother me or crawl under my skin are right now. Yes, I know I am pregnant, but I don't want to use that as my excuse. I don't know what's wrong with me lately.

I got mad at Jason last night when I showed him crib bedding that I REALLY want and when I showed him a couple he chose this one too and all though he really likes it too he doesn't want to spend the money for it. It's SO much cheaper than the others I had in mind! It's not my fault I have good taste that happens to be expensive. Sometimes I tell Jason he can't afford me.......joking around. I DO LOVE to shop and I mostly window shop but I can shop till I drop! But Jason will tell you I can shop until every one else drops leaving me no choice but to go home ;p

It's rare for me to get mad at him, especially over something like this! So what is wrong with me.....

Just take a look at this set! It's well under a hundred dollars for 9 Pieces!! AND the price includes shipping! I am an ebay girl! It's the same seller I bought Michael's crib bedding and Amber's recent bedding which is totally cute. The other issue is this.... I would use what I bought for Michael only it CLASHES with the blue walls. I would repaint it but it's SO much work that I will have to do by myself! I have never been able to decorate a baby's room before so that's probably what I am feeling selfish about? And I admit, I am picky, more than I should be. It takes me for ever to pick something out but when I do I keep it forever.

You know letters made out of wood or resin that is decorated to put your baby's name above the crib. Well, I looked into that for Madison and it was going to cost over $200. No Way! So I then thought I "heck, I can make it". I looked at walmart and their wood letters are cheap all I have to do is decorate and use a small staple gun to attach the ribbon and then hang on the wall. This is a project I am excited about but I have to find bedding first.

It includes these 9 pieces:

  • Crib Quilt

  • Crib Bumper

  • Fitted Sheet

  • Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)

  • 2 Window Valances

  • Diaper Stacker

  • Toy Bag

  • Decorative Pillow

  • Also I am in a lot of pain....I stubbed one of my little toes on the back porch yesterday and it REALLY hurts! I had realized how bad it was until it started stinging later while talking to Jason when I looked down and saw it was bleeding every where. It's throbbing today...ouch. My house is beating me up and wining! LOL


  1. JGWmom said...
    I love the bedding! And, it is a good deal if it is under $100 for ALL of that. I especially like what it is made of...the chenille(sp?). I wish I could help...I know that feeling well of wanting to decorate your nursery! Graham's was the only one that I got to do everything. (I did borrow the furniture and bedding, though) I know that doesn't help - sorry! I will pray for you to have wisdom and peace!
    I bought both Graham's and Wesley's wooden letters for their walls at Walmart and painted them. I fact, Graham's have been painted 3 times since I got them when he was born. In his baby room, the walls were pale yellow, so I painted the letters white and then polka dotted them with the pastel colors of his bedding...yellow, blue and green. They were really cute. As he grew, I painted them bright colors to match whatever his room colors are. (Of course I didn't use ribbons - 'cause they are boys-hee hee), but I love the ribbons for little girls! I know that it will all work out!!! Let me know if I can do anything for you!!!
    Love you!
    P.S. I stubbed my little toe yesterday, too and it DID hurt!!!
    queen of sheba said...
    It is a great deal. It's only $69.99 for all including shipping....however, I could spend less but they don't sell them separately, all I really need is the bumper, dust skirt, and blanket. The valences would be nice but not necessary and Michael might run away having to share with two girls!

    It DOES hurt to stub your toe! I am telling you I am still in a LOT of pain.
    The Hall's said...
    I have the girls names over each of their beds and I made them all.
    queen of sheba said...
    I can't wait to make mine, but I have to know what bedding I am going to use first.

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