Yesterday at 4 in the morning I heard Michael cry or more like a whine from his room...he was cold and holding his blanket up for me to cover him (I learned later) because he doesn't know how to cover himself quite yet.

But first... I went to get out of bed and my feet slid on the floor (we have hard wood flooring) and I slipped crashing my head and shoulder into my dresser and slid the rest of the way down crashing on the floor so hard landing my left side. I couldn't move. I was like dead weight going down and it happened so fast I could not react. It hurt!! Jason flew out of bed yelling if I was okay and helped me get up, I was still half asleep so all I did was moan “ooooohhhh”.

Once I got up I stayed up and drank something sweet and then the baby moved around and I didn’t want to call my doctor right away or over react etc…I am going to go to my chiropractor. My neck and spine is out of whack now along with my pelvis. The left side of my body is in so much pain. I bruised my head and it hurts to touch plus my ear hurts along with my shoulder arm and on down the line.

So, yesterday, around 1:30 I started having some pelvic cramping and mild sharp pangs. I was still having pelvic cramping and pain from the fall. Jenn (my sister-in-law) called me so I asked her what she thought and she said if it didn’t stop then call the doctor. Jason called when he got out of work, I told him what I was feeling and he told me to call the doctor. I called my doctor and told them what happened and asked what they thought about it.

They sent me to labor and delivery at the hospital to be checked. I felt a little silly going, only because I am not the type of person who goes to the doctor for every little thing.

They hooked me up to the monitors. One for me and one for the baby. She is perfect but the fall caused Uterine Irritation which is why I feel cramps with some sharp pangs and contraction like feelings etc.... She moved around so much that the nurse finally came in and had to sit down, make conversation with us, and follow her with the monitor to get a couple minuets of good heart beat reading for the doctor. I told Jason how active she is.

So, I have to take it easy the next couple of days, take warm baths, and Tylenol. Praise the Lord we are okay. I was not terribly concerned, however the doctors and nurses are. Apparently there are many women, according to the nurse, who have such falls or car accidents that the Uterus reacts to the impact and as a way of nature and tries to expel the baby. Apparently it's pretty tricky because when this happened the baby begins to react to the placenta which is reacting to the Uterus and they have been able to save babies and others they could not save. I begin my 29th week on Sunday.

Fortunately the Lord had his hand on us because it was a really bad fall I took and I am grateful that I got the blunt of it and not the baby and even more so I am happy that my Uterus did not react in haste. I'm just in a lot of pain.

By the way we have have a name for our baby girl.

Madison Grace


  1. JGWmom said...
    I'm so sorry, Rebecca! I'm so glad you are alright. PLEASE, take care of yourself and let the doctors take care of you and that sweet baby! I slipped and fell on that pebbled walkway at the Seminary when I was pregnant with Wesley and had to go be checked out. My fall was not nearly as bad as yours as far as injuries, though. Let me know if you need anything!!! I will certainly keep y'all in my prayers.
    I love the name! My little girl name was going to be Mattalyn Grace and we were going to call her Mattie (Richard had grandmothers named Mattie and Grace and I had an Aunt Mattie and one of my grandmothers was a Grace) So, I love your name. I considered the Maddison, but wanted specifically to be able to call her Mattie with "t's". Also, do you remember the guy at the Seminary named Madison Grace. Grace is his last name. He is from Mississippi. Jason may know him because he is the "scholar" type and I'm pretty sure he works or at least did work in Theology. Anyway I always thought...what a "pretty" name for a guy!!! (Don't tell him that. hee hee!) Hope you feel better SOON!!!
    Jennifer said...
    Sorry to hear about your fall... the few days of rest will do you good. Somehow I missed you were having a girl, though I am surprised that you aren't giving her an A name. :)

    Did you fall a few times with Michael too?
    the lady of the house said...
    ooooh... owch! I praise the Lord that everything is pretty much okay. I'll be in prayer for you and I love the name you decided on. We seem to have a lot in common. Come and visit at my blog - God Bless, Hugs, SJ
    queen of sheba said...
    Shannon you KILL me! LOL
    We know Madison from the seminary which is why Jason was hesitant to name her this.

    I'm definitely taking care of myself especially till I feel better. Jason's first priority he said is to buy a rug (that won't slide) on my side of the bed. He was so scared, he said he was thanking God that I don't leave my drawers open like some people do because all he could think about was how worse it would have been had a drawer been open.

    It was scary, I was afraid to get up in the middle of the night to pee because I didn't want it to happen again, SO, I made sure I planted both feet on the ground first then got out of bed.

    I can't say I have ever had a sore skull really hurts, especially when I washed my hair this morning.

    Jenn--yeah, I toltally forgot to post on here that I was having a girl! LOL There goes my mind!

    We didn't give her an "A" name because Alyssa named her. And we just decided to break the chain. Amber got to name Alyssa and so we gave Alyssa the honor of naming this baby AND Alyssa has made it very clear that this is HER baby LOL

    I DID fall once with Michael! I was going down the stairs too fast one night at the town house when I missed the last step and fell landing on my hands and knees. Nothing near as bad as this fall.
    queen of sheba said...
    Lady of the house--
    Thank you so much...Love your title and I will definitely visit your blog! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!!
    The Hall's said...
    I fell really hard face first in the hall at the Seminary one day when I was pregnant with Millie. They had just waxed the floors. Actually, I fell several times with all of mine. I fell down stairs with Elleigh.

    Love the name-I will say Madison Grace (the guy) is the first thing I thought of.
    queen of sheba said...
    Cameron! Ohmygoodness! I knew someone would fall on that floor eventually but I didn't know you did especially while being pregnant. It sounds as painful as my fall!!!

    I fell down the stairs with Michael.

    We will forever remember Madison Grace LOL!

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