Before pictures of our house

View from our front porch before winter

We have since moved the little white fence that is sitting against the rail

Kitchen and living room windows

I would eventually like two rocking chairs to sit on the front porch, for now I am using our red camp chairs you will see later.

We have since moved the table and chairs that don't belong to us in the back yard.

The tree you see behind the van is a Pear Tree. This house that technically owns it is abandoned

Now I will take you out back.

Door to our bedroom from the back porch

We have cleaned up a lot since moving in. It's been very tiring.
The fan blades will be replaced by summer I believe and the cracks will be filled in as well. Oh, and back doors will be replaced as well.

See the brown wicker table and chairs? They gave these to us and I repainted them Walnut Brown and when I can I will be buying cushions for them.

We have done a good amount of work back here since. I need to find out if I can give the back porch a fresh coat of paint.

I like having a fenced in back yard

side yard and cute stairs leading to the kitchen door

back yard

Back porch

Here we go inside. I hope ya'll won't mind that I am not going in order. Blogger does not have an efficient way to organize pictures in order when uploading them so I would be here even longer if I did that.

Viewing our school closet from the hall way. The door to your left is the bathroom door and to your right is A, M, and Baby's room.

An inside look at the Bathroom. I am especially excited about having a bathroom window! Haven't had one since I moved out of my parents house when I married Jason. I do plan to eventually change the shower curtain etc...

It was chaos moving in...... I didn't actually see this till the guys were done because I was cleaning the town house

Cameron helped push us to get more done since I watched the girls so she could take sweet Sallie to the doctor..We busted a move to have walking space etc....SO, I took these in honor of Cameron! The girls had FUN with Michael getting into things while I was in the kitchen getting pizza ready to eat. I could not help but to laugh and take pix.

Look at Millie and Lizzy... you can tell they are use to getting their picture taken, they stopped and looked at me when I had the camera in hand LOL

Jason taking a final exam right after getting everything moved in.

final exam serious ;p

I caught a picture of Amber witnessing to one of the kids in the neighborhood. She talked to him for awhile about Jesus and becoming a Christian. she did very well and then he said he had to go so Amber thanked him for coming to play and told him she would be here all week while painting if he had more questions but he never came back.....

Just keep smiling baby....

Hope she will enjoy this for a while

Michael decided to help.....paint

roasted pepper for top half and pecan Sandie for the bottom half.
Now, the pictures on the wall are plastered in the wall so they can't be moved. However, I did manage to put my home interiors window pane mirror in the middle and you will see it later.

Michael helping daddy

viewing Alyssa, M and baby's room from kitchen

the hall way used to be yellow

Bathroom....I love how there is a built in laundry hamper to your right. You pull the little door down and drop your clothes, then open the two bottom cabinets to gather the laundry.

Storage above the bath tub


View from the kitchen eating area....don't tell Jason he's balding hee-hee

This is the kitchen before I got my hands on it.

Kitchen eating area and I just thought..... I completely forgot to take pictures of what the kitchen looked like before painting it! The top was a yellow orange (not sure how to describe it) color and the bottom half was white.

viewing the kitchen eating area from the living room

Living room before we painted it.

Living room before we started. Brought our play yard so M could take naps and keep him from getting into toooo much.

living room view from the hallway

hall way view from our bedroom

our bathroom. I first painted it pecan sandie and since I have repainted it pot of cream.

Our bedroom before. We have a cute little door that goes out to the back porch.

Amber's room. She was dieing for Blue, but now has changed her mind to a pink color since we foudn bedding she really loves, so there will be a new project in the making.....but not right now.

Alyssa, Michael, and baby's room. I wanted to paint it a green color, I love green especially sage, but Alyssa won and now tells me she wants it green, but I am not repainting this room.

View at night from our side garage door to the front door. To the left is our mailbox.

From the front door to the garage door. Which is also the porch.

I have since finally found a good arange ment for this bedroom for all the furntiure to fit safely.

This is still before

It was soooo cramped this way

It took me forever to figure out a good furniture arangement that you will see in the next post.

What a mess to go through....but it's over, yay

I will be working on after pix here shortly. Uploading and sorting is a PAIN with blogger. They need to get with Facebook like yesterday.
If the pictures are confusing I a sorry. Just ask if you are wondering something. In the mean time I will be working the after pix.


  1. JGWmom said...
    I already LOVE it!!! Looks like lots of room for y'all and is really cute! Our first house in Arlington when Richard was a youth pastor had a telephone nook in our hall like yours and our bathroom had the built-in hamper,! My favorite thing is the screened in porch...that's a Florida it must have been mean to be for y'all! I can't wait to see your after pics...loving all your colors, too!
    queen of sheba said...
    I love the telephone nook, if I were to live here forever I would buy an antique phone to set there.

    The screened in back porch is my favorite too, I guess growing up in FL with a screened in porch is so normal to me that I didn't know it's a FL thing!

    It's definitely bigger than what we lived in at the seminary.
    The Hall's said...
    WOW! I think that is officially the longest post ever! HA! It all looks so good. The pictures of Lizzie and Millie-typical!
    queen of sheba said...
    HAHAHA! You so funny...not ;p lol
    I didn't even add all the pictures..too many! I am already dreading doing the next post, I guess I am not a true blogger LOL ;p

    Wait....I think I will post one room at a time! Ah, yes!

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